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Jessica William

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To new followers: Hello, I'm Zainab. I always try to be kind and friendly, but at the same time, I am an imperfect person. All I ask of you is to be kind to me, and please don't hold it against me if I make mistakes.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

I don’t think I have reposted this audio clip in a while. This song comes from a TV show that is now over 50 years old! This show accepts all people, regardless of gender, race, or orientation. 🎹📺

Not everyone will be truthful. Be honest anyway. Not everyone will love you. Love anyway. Not everyone will play fair. Keep your word anyway. Not everyday is a good day. Be kind anyway.

I believe in a higher power & life after death. You don't have to agree with me, but you also do not have to mock me. Just sayin'

Have a terrific Tuesday!

This infographic from presents a set of techniques for common obstacles in child-parent relationships, favouring constructive methods for stress reduction, meeting needs & teaching skills. Access it here ➡️

I am sure everybody has presumed what others are thinking and feeling at some point, but ultimately, we are not mind-readers.

It's easy to presume what somebody is thinking or feeling, but ultimately, the majority of people are *not* mind-readers. So it is best for all of us to try *not* to assume what others are thinking and feeling, even if what we say of those people may be true.

Let’s stop telling men and boys to “Man up!” when they’re struggling with depression, anxiety and distress or when they’re showing compassion and empathy.

So this audio clip was actually recorded Oct. 18, 2017, & this was the first ever audio clip I posted to Twitter (though initially I tweeted it individually to some friends)! I thought I'd repost this audio clip today to celebrate this anniversary! 🎶

Running Deer Maud Lewis c. 1967

Doughnut for breakfast? Why not? 😋🍩

Have a marvellous Monday!

"It actually doesn't take much to be considered a difficult woman. That's why there are so many of us." Jane Goodall

If I still cannot play any public pianos, I'll just have to share my piano renditions from home, using my own piano! This is just a audio clip from last year, but I am looking forward to playing the public pianos again when the time comes! 🎹

Have a spectacular Sunday!

Oh, by the way, I have a few additional things to say: 1. Please . 2. Please where required. 3. Try not to despair - I think things *will* eventually get better! :)

So, I want to repost this audio clip today; this song has been on my mind. :) Now, the sheet music arrangement is different from the original recorded version. Also I made my version shorter than the sheet music arrangement so as to stay within the time limit. 🎹