Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

YO!!!! WE FINALLY HAVE MERCH!!! We have a bunch of stuff in all sizes and colors!!! Click the link to check out the Swag Shack!!! Love ya!!! ❤️

Views have been super duper down this past week. Is there something im doing wrong/different that y’all aren’t fucking with? Any other YouTubers been going through this lately?

Got a really awful DM yesterday, telling me to shut the fuck up during our Zach Reacts episodes. Do y’all want me to be quieter during the episodes? I love sharing what I think with y’all during the short films.

Here are my prices:

also to the people whos videos I laughed at in fridays try not to laugh, message me. I owe each of you $50

Let's make tomorrow's episode of Zach Reacts the SCARIEST so far. I want nightmares. Put your videos down below! If I pick them, you get a shoutout in the video <3

Y’all excited for November 13th?

Which title is better? 1. I CANT BELIEVE IM DOING THIS AGAIN (CAT MARIO: REVISITED) 2. CAT MARIO: REVISITED (gone wrong) (I went to prison for arson)

So let’s say, hypothetically, we revisited the original “Cat Mario” game. What would be a good title? (Asking for a friend)

If you show up to court and this mf is your lawyer, you are going to prison.

Great seeing y’all on stream tonight fellas. Sucks that it got cut short due to (I think) copyright issues. Oh well! Was still a blast getting to go down memory lane w the Beale Boys. Love you and see you tomorrow!

If Billy shows up in The Walten Files 4 I’m jumping through the screen and strangling him.

Today is my 1 year anniversary on YouTube. Love you guys SO MUCH ❤️

Y’all are my family not my fans

I’m drunk as me anything

Have y’all seen this yet? Cannot WAIT TO WATCH THE 4TH ONE WITH YALL.

Yooo! Thank you all so much for all the bday wishes. I’ve never received and felt such love before in my life! I truly am the happiest girl in the world! ❤️ (ft my fav bday gift)

Happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend