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min yoongi’s lips—a collection

so don’t ever come accusing me of not caring about the members. first look at ur own behavior & at the way u treat tae & jk and only then can u speak. u’re so predictable jey. always doing the same things.

no actually idgaf about the clout. i had no clue it would blow up bc when i twted i was more focused on calling out the inappropriate behavior of ppl saying to respect them but then immediately switching to asking for a dm of the vid. acting like ur innocent rlly?

fixed! i was too busy focusing on the text & covering their @ that i forgot to check if it was blurred out but thx for pointing it out. & i think u’ll agree w me that it still doesn’t change the fact that u still chose to overlook it rather than helping by informing ur 48K?

dw i’ll delete these twts afterwards if it bothers u & yes my oomf told me u qrted me so they kindly let me use their acc so i could have a convo w u since u were on priv & u didn’t wanna take it to the dms. anw we can drop it here since u’re just evading. dm if u wanna continue.

my oomf was alrdy fllwing u beforehand & they gave me their login to see what u posted :/ if u don’t want me to reply to u then don’t qrt or @ me, thx

the smile at the end pls he’s so precious 😭💔

Did you created more accounts today? Please, we really need your participation ARMY! 🙏🗳 here:

. frequently release new music. Interact with ARMYs on Twitter & Weverse, write us letters, do hours -ong lives to entertain us. We get bombarded by free & paid contents 24/7. Still you feel the need of airport pics? At the cost of their safety & privacy??

let’s start from the fact that u twted tk car selca after seeing the vid that violated their privacy. u’re preaching about why we didn’t focus on reporting but u’re being a hypocrite bc instead of giving the @ & telling ur 40K+ fllwrs to report u let them chit chat in ur cmmts

올해도 어김없이 아미들을 찾아온 💜 일곱 도령들의 소원이 모두 이루어지기 위해선… 8번째 소원이 꼭 이루어져야 하는데...! 과연 그 소원의 정체는?👏 🌕 ()

no? u can still sit at home & disrespect them 🤨 so u’re telling me after seeing this whole thread u see absolutely nothing wrong? u just see tkkrs screaming & being wholesome? rlly jey? btw tell ur oomf that i think they’re stupid too

this is gonna be exhausting can u just come off priv pls? are u purposely acting naive now? u’re telling me u don’t see anything wrong? the way i see it is all these ppl focused on the fact that tae & jk were in a car rather than their privacy being violated. don’t u think?

u turned this into a victim card type of thing. “you took the chance to make this “tkkrs” thing. and you guys want to stay silent-” actually i was calling out the hypocrisy of ppl saying bts deserves privacy & respect one moment & then switching up the next. surely u can agree?

if u’re on priv i can’t reply to u 💀 i called out ur hypocrisy bc u say respect but then u twt out asking for a selca after seeing the vid that violates their privacy. unfortunately idk who posted but since u & ur fllwrs do pls share the @ so we can report

Hobi is vaccinated. Hobi still wears double mask. Hobi cares about the safety of himself and the people around him. Hobi is good. Be like hobi.

many ppl have been qrt/dming me about why i covered the @ & why i was “protecting” them. when i was twting the purpose wasn’t to give out @, it was to call out the hypocrisy & inappropriate behavior. in light of how many ppl keep asking, here u go. i don’t condone sending hate.