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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Playing in Vegas and not playing Vegas smh

Alex’s mic really crackling for anybody else or just me 😂

Mate, props to Dom / Yungblud for carrying on and and doing so well and still putting on a kick ass show in his set rn when his in ears aren’t working 👏🏼🎉

Fr anybody know the iheart radio running order / times 😩😂

We’ve got to play Chelsea, PSG and Liverpool all in under 2 weeks

MY LEEDS TICKET ARRIVED! Talk about fuckin last minute 🙃

Just found this from from when my brother bought me my ticket for mcfly, ‘tickets will be sent securely no later than 10 days prior to the event’ the show is Wednesday and we still have no tickets 🙃🤔

Honestly cba, always the person who has to reach out to have a conversation in most instances, funny how quick cracks and cliques appear

‘Sorry you’re having a crisis and I’m thirsting’ - what it’s like being friends with me

When gets 4 video messages in a row he knows there’s ☕️

Are going to help any fans get their tickets?! My timeline is full of fans begging for AXS to help them and they are just being ignored!

Bez from the happy Mondays is mental

Pep Guardiola having to explain is pretty sad. It’s been blown way out of proportion from people trying to banter us and we fell for the trap

I refused to wear any other premier league club shirt sorry 😂✌🏼

Ben White was mentioned a little today for the filming of penal-tea time 😂

Not me being mid sending a voice note and dropping my straighteners on my leg

Am I crying because Jack Grealish has scored on his champions league debut? Yes 😭🥺

This Covid that isn’t actually Covid thing that’s knocking about is fucking brutal man