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Five times as many police officers have died from COVID as from guns since pandemic began

RT if you think is at least a thousand times better than his predecessor.

. goes beyond securing clemency for individuals by helping them achieve economic liberation.

"Commercial poultry farms produce more waste laden with nitrogen and phosphorus than the state’s massive commercial hog farms but need no operating permits, face no requirement to submit waste management plans...can only be inspected if someone complains"

I just have to say I don’t give 2 craps about rich/famous people going to space. Stop publishing this crap. And BTW, rich/famous ppl, pay your fair share of taxes.

In 1968, the ratio of CEO pay to typical worker pay was 20-to-1. Today, it’s 320-to-1. That is preposterous.

This is what the future holds for pregnant people in this country. Every miscarriage will lead to a criminal investigation. This is the future evangelicals want

another day, another report that a rich man spent his money on a trip to space while dolly parton spent it on people in need

Haitians had to pay reparations to slaveowners...the equivalent of $21 billion in today's dollars to buy their freedom. That debt was finally paid off in 1947. "How colonial-era debt helped shape Haiti's poverty and political unrest" -ABC News - via

Border patrol is mounted on horseback rounding up Haitian refugees with whips. This is unfathomable cruelty towards people fleeing disaster and political ruin. The administration must stop this.

2 Officers Indicted by Grand Jury for Violent Beating of Black California Teen

Isn't it ironic that Joe Manchin, chair of the Senate energy panel, is writing the climate proposal for the Dems $3.5T Budget Reconciliation Bill? Joe made $5.5M last year alone from the coal industry! 🤬🤬🤬

If Gabby Petito was black or indigenous none of us would have heard of her.

So far this year, someone in the US is killed or wounded in a road rage shooting every 18 hours - a number that has nearly doubled over the past 12 months. Marry that with Texas’ new permitless carry law, and no one is safe.

Meanwhile, in Mississippi still births have doubled due to COVID. "COVID-19 causes rate of stillbirths to double in Mississippi: "A real tragedy" - CBS News"

Welcome Penelope Rose and Joseph August Buttigieg! You all make a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing the we all need it. 💓💓

Waiting for the NYT to tell me to stop talking about the Internment because people are over it.

Hurricane Ida now has maximum sustained winds of 150 mph based on data from the Hurricane Hunters flying into the storm, according to the 7 a.m. ET update from the National Hurricane Center. That is just 7 mph shy of Category 5 intensity.