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Jessica William

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In my column this week I’ve written about the plight of lesbians in the block at the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. Britain & the UNHCR need to do more. For more information on how you can help

MUST WATCH: This woman is suing Pornhub/MindGeek for 600 million dollars for globally distributing and profiting from her rape as a TWELVE YEAR OLD child. This is the first time she speaks out publicly. Please share her story far and wide.

Friday. Hallelujah.

You’re supposed to be teacher trainers not a lobby group. And you’re pushing an ideology many women and gays find misogynistic and homophobic. Take the plank out your own eye before you start accusing others of being bigots

😂 A perfectly simple rule of secularism. This is clearly aimed at religion, but it works for all dogma in any ideology 👇

New TRA language guidance just out. The use of the word mother IS acceptable when you are screaming "Repent, Motherf**kers" at women.

Males are males but females are pregnant people. Raw, unfettered Misogyny in action

This is a good-ish statement by but they can’t claim there was “a number of protests”. There was one protest, it was ugly and it was designed to intimidate, distress and humiliate women and girls.

L - Sexuality G - Sexuality B - Sexuality T - Identity Spot the difference?

‘Do right and fear no one.’ addresses about the importance of protecting rights as well as Trans rights &

When rape threats and porn pics on a children's book thread are seen as merely "swift and abundant critique" you've either lost your mind or your humanity...or both.

"Granted, post-modernism is somewhat difficult to explain, but all you need to remember is that you are a man of agency and you can choose how to feel about being clubbed over the head."

"Stop oppressing me! I have a right to clean my feet."

"Yeah, but, what is pain anyway? I mean, it's so difficult to define."

"Waiter, there is a penis in my soup!"

In India, an area covering 132 villages has seen no girls being born in the last three months: