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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

I’m so so happy to announce that our brand new single ‘Control’ is FINALLY out! Super proud of this song. Please let us know what you think, and if you want to share too you’re a hero ❤️ STREAM: VIDEO:

we love the NHS and fuck you whoever tries to diminish just what they do for us

This sort of nonsense comes from utterly hateful fools. You’re brilliant. Ignore them.

how old were you when the guitar hero crowd booed at you for trying your best

give me HEAVIES twitch/willfox

Actually no fuck this shit I’m not letting it win I’ll be live soon

I’m so sorry but I’ve got to take the day off. My anxiety is killing me and I need to spend today taking a walk in the forest rather than inevitably ending stream early

my top 5 albums of the year so far: 1. Press to MECO - Transmute 2. Thrice - Horizons/East 3. Leprous - Aphelion 4. BTBAM - Colors II 5. Hail The Sun - New Age Filth

Some Friday evening motivation for you from

streaming for 4 hours a day with a smile on your face when you spend the rest of your day overthinking to the point of misery is sometimes just not, the vibe

people who think being a content creator is an easy job underestimate the luxury they have being able to disappear from the public eye for a while and still be able to afford to eat

TRADE OFFER: you receive music, and in return I am slightly less lonely twitch/willfox

why would they ever stop releasing the same game every year if this is the consumer base man I can't even blame them anymore

the new COD is only in Beta and people are already complaining that they want Shipment in the game lmao why the fuck do you even buy the new game

I look slightly less like shit!!!! twitch/willfox

finding a barber that isn’t a misogynist is so fucking nice man I never wanna go back to the days of having my chair turned around 5 times a haircut because a woman walked past