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Jessica William

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All my AZ people who are going to the Women's March in Phoenix. If you'd like, let's meet at the Carl Hayden Memorial. It's just north of the open area in front of the Capitol Museum...where the rally is going to be held. RETWEET, please. Pass this on to all. Thanks, Truth

They knew...we knew. Trump and Trumpism is a cancer.

A flip flop of global proportions. Mitch McConnell 2019 vs. Mitch McConnell 2021 Make sure everybody sees it.

Question... Who knows where Haiti is? Next question... How do 10,000 destitute Haitians get to the Mexico/US border? Something stinks about this. Really stinks.

Where was your outrage from 2017 - 2021?

That argument crumbles instantly when framed with decades of unprotested parental requirements to vaccinate children entering public school. The anti-Covid vax crowd are all about tribal oppositional defiance. No for no's sake. Their resistance has no ideological foundation.

Iโ€™m watching some Norm McDonald stand up. He was a genius comic.

I'm honestly not shocked about the recall outcome in California. The MAGAts are loud and in your face, so it seems like bigger numbers. Having said that...keep it up Dems. We've got some important races in 2022.

Attention all MAGAts. If you scream that something is least read the damn thing to determine if it actually is or not. Spoiler's not. Dumdums.

Murray is psyched for the weekend.

These idiots think that President Biden just woke up and decided to make a vaccine mandate? He studied it with his advisors and looked into all legality of it. He knew heโ€™d get resistance from the GOP. Itโ€™s legal. It has a Supreme Court case in support of it. Get vaccinated!

Donโ€™t you get tired of being wrong all the time?

Today, I laid out my new plan to combat COVID-19 and boost vaccinations. Watch as Press Secretary Jen Psaki breaks it down:

People experiencing homelessness who are interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine can contact Circle the City directly at 623-900-2203 or visit the downtown Family Health Clinic at 220 S. 12th Ave