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Jessica William

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I want to see an episode of "Undercover Boss" with Jesus in some evangelical churches.

If Jesus spoke to half of these pastors using His own words from the Bible, they’d probably call Him a radical, left socialist and try to kick him out of their church.

Me, too!!!

Oh, The smiting that would happen!

He's going to end up with an imprint of his hand on his face from all the facepalming.

This would be a great skit



His skin color might throw them from what they fantasize.

Aren't bosses in disguise?

Why break Jesus's heart?

Presumably those who believe in Jesus would believe his heart is already broken. Other than those who believe in a super convenient way where it's always everyone else who is sinning. I finally asked how breaking a commandment is okay and it turns out their hate is love. Sigh