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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

[Vore] More of these three

Two combine soldiers who like to indulge in some 'baser' pleasures together... Combine elites are very handsome ehehe

Robots with big guts... 😳

Check out this new and amazing diet! It will make your butt fat and your belly squishy! Artwork for @/AnubisLucario

Actually, I’ll post this here as well. Take a chumby Bhasura :’)

Good lord watching some of the Destiny 2 community discourse on the matchmaking changes in Trials has been a real treat to watch. SBMM in a competitive mode? What a thought,,,

You know what I should write about at least once? Wholesome hypno stuff The kind where a character is hypnotised or something to forget their worries and bad thoughts, or just to let them stay warm and cosy throughout some other process,,,

Sirens, a little species I made a while ago but just didn't have art for. They rest and live in marshes and swamp areas, and use their shape shifting abilities to draw in people with their most basic desires to consume them. As like my AUGs, this speices is fully open.

A sudden realization that perhaps, when it comes to the Silver Lady's cooking, there really can be too much of a good thing... He's really going to need some new clothing soon...

its s birthday today but he wont post about it wish the idiot a happy birthday

Wow here's a bunch of little doodles of the Handsome Skull Duo being large to once again remember how to draw them 😳

Take some fishies

🍔🍔-Ramen Eliksni-🍔🍔 (Destiny 2, /, made for a friend's birthday today 🥳!) Maurice serves an Eliksni who doesn't seem to know what 'full' means... AO3: FA:

im birthday boye today im allowed to drink hap birf to me

Pretty sure I messed up some Sangheili anatomy but anyway, Arby is hella cute and fits this well❤️

Been thinking of Monochunk, so I drew him. Funny how things work like that. :') I guess it's canon now that Mono wears a choker and a tank top under the sweater

Boyfriend's in an enviable spot.