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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

The latest blog explores the fascinating story of professional skating star and Miss America contestant Joan Hydolft:

To celebrate our release of The Red Shoes on Tuesday 21 September, we have teamed up with for you to win one of three copies of the DVD, Blu-ray or digital version. Competition close at 5pm, 19 September. Enter here

⛈ Dans le Gard, l'autoroute A9 est coupée entre Nîmes & Gallargues. Les voies restent noyées et les secours interviennent, ici à Bernis. (© Stéphane Rochette)

Birthday boy. How did you get to be 21. 😊

If you can watch the Summer of Wild Weather. Change is needed now. Vote for climate change let all governments know.

Windermere so tranquil

Back in the gym 😊

Just popped up on my phone. An memory from a few years ago 😊

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. 😊

Great tune for the lighting of the Olympic flame in Tokyo. Did anyone recognise the music 😉

It’s been a great week 😊

Look where I am. 😊

Just received a lifetime achievement award from the ISU. ⁦⁩ thank you so much we are humbled.

Arrr thank you 😊

Sir Gareth Southgate a must. 😊

Hi, Jayne and I are supporting "Nottingham's Very Own" a movement for the people of Nottingham created by the people of Nottingham, please see the flyer and join the cause, thank you for your support.