Too much weight loss in a short time is also dangerous, learn from dietician its 5 big disadvantages

New Delhi: Weight loss has become a necessity not only in today’s fashion but also because the problem of obesity is increasing rapidly in the world including India. Every other person is upset with their increasing weight. Apart from this, obesity is also the cause of many serious diseases including diabetes and high blood pressure. So everyone can find ways to lose weight fast on the internet (Quick weight loss) Looks like. But is it right to do so? Is it correct to lose 5-10 kg of weight in a month? What is the opinion of the dietician about weight loss in a short time, read further to know.

Weight loss up to 500 grams in 1 week is correct

“Most people are increasingly attracted to claims such as fast weight loss or lose 10 kg in 1-2 months,” says Dieta Arnif Mathivanan of Dietrifit, Noida. But my advice as a health expert is that weight loss should always be done slowly and in a healthy way. If a person loses weight from 500 grams to 1 kg in 1 week, it is called healthy weight loss (Healthy Weight Loss) Can be called. So do not keep a target to lose more than 2-3 kg in 1 month. Dieting or using techniques such as staying hungry can be harmful to health in many ways.

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Too much weight loss loss in a short time

1. Risk of muscle loss instead of fat loss Dietician Arbana says that healthy weight loss causes calories and fat burn, but sometimes in a short period of time, the body starts losing muscle instead of fat in a cycle of excessive and rapid weight loss. Due to weight loss in an unhealthy way, the muscles are affected badly and they start to weaken.

2. Dehydration- Many times a person stops eating calories, carbs when crash dieting for rapid weight loss, due to which your body starts burning glycogen before fat, which also causes the water to come out of the body and Your body becomes dehydrated which means there is a lack of water in the body (Dehydration).

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3. Damage to metabolism- Due to the diet which claims to lose more weight in a short time, your body starts breaking the muscles for energy. In this case, the lower the muscle mass, the slower the metabolism will become, and due to lack of muscle and slow metabolism, it starts to increase rather than lose weight.

4. Nutrient deficiency- During weight loss by dieting incorrectly, you also stop the intake of vitamins, minerals necessary for the body, due to which there is a risk of malnutrition. It is also necessary to consume essential calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, iron etc. in a low calorie diet to help the body function properly.

5. Skin loosening- Very fast weight loss in a short period of time, your muscles decrease but the skin does not shrink in the same proportion. The reason for this is that there is a special kind of elasticity in the skin that works to pull and shrink the skin. Due to this, the skin becomes dry and dull after losing weight very fast, due to which the person starts to look sick and older than his age.

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