Jessica William

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John Doe

PHP Developer


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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

not only is this not funny but now ur putting these people in actual danger by posting their faces online so that ice can id them easily i hope u all die painful & traumatic deaths

my beautiful boi

EDM DJs only ever take publicity photos like they are set 5 years ago

when can I get my Salomon shoes and join all of NYC on the pursuit for fitness and fulfillment

Yo what happened to the chats 😩

Just seen this movie called the wailing shit was wild

This performance gets funnier when you realise Jay Z only performed it because the guitarist for Oasis said Hip Hop at Glastonbury is wrong and they shouldn’t let Jay Z perform

"Capitalism rationally allocates resources to where they're needed most"

Asian shit these days has been the worst I’m bout to pull up to the Chappelle racial draft on my pick me shit

ムーンチェイサー Moon chaser

Facebook intentional outage today to kill the whistleblower story

if you believe in The Radical Hood library please consider subscribing to our patreon for $1/month. it helps us keep this work going 🙏🏾

Bro Chalie Boy getting a Gillette placement like 12 years after the song came out

a lot of crazy shit has happened in the last year but I really do think this was up there

had Taco Bell for the first time in ten years yesterday actually a solid experience 8/10

I did the most at KTV tonight

Hwang Hee-Chan is the only Wolves player to have scored more than one Premier League goal this season!

me waiting for someone to notice my engineered garment