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Jessica William

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If you don't have the political will to stand up to Nazis, you lack moral authority to speak for me about anything.

Hey Alexa, play me The Beatles. Alexa: Here's some Beatles. Uh.. what the hell, Alexa?

Right-wing radio host Bob Enyart — a staunch anti-vaccine, anti-mask, anti-abortion, anti-gay “firebrand” who used to mock the deaths of people with AIDS — just died of COVID-19. He is the 5th right-wing radio host to die of COVID in the past 6 weeks.

California: Vote NO on the before polls close tomorrow!

For non-vaccine believing, horse med takers: tyou are apparently pulling yourself out of the gene pool...

QAnon influencer Neon Revolt -- who previously collaborated with Ron Watkins to target a Dominion employee -- has announced he has COVID & was taking ivermectin for it (which experts have warned against taking for COVID).

Republican 2nd District Congressional map splits Douglas County in half north / south and includes all of Saunders and Sarpy County. Completely gerrymandered.

And Christ said... beat up on the poor people, when people are sick and needy, kick them when they are down. And when they need to earn a fair wage, deny that too. I think you are reading from a different bible here.. while you don't even pay taxes.

But don’t call them fools because it might hurt their feelings and make it more likely they’d do something dumb.

I am a WOMAN. Not an incubator. Not a host. This is how Republicans feel about women right now.

Watch this horror show. Republicans are now calling women's bodies "host bodies" Watch

Crazy right wingers. A thread. 1. Johnson County Democrats office has received crazy and threatening phone calls for about 2 weeks now. This is from Mon, Aug 23rd.

It's not just the tweet. The story itself doesn't mention the Famine or the fact that the Irish population was 8 million before it. Unbelievable. h/t

So Texas has attacked by declaring conception is life. If that's true, conception is Citizenship. US Citizenship. At that point, NO immigrant should be able to be deported. Period.

Who's going to be first to get a $10k bounty on for every time he's talked about abortion? Because the way the law is written, he's violated it infinite times.

I hear you . But you know what? Where are & who promised that these justices they went along with would keep choice? They should be two votes to end the filibuster to protect choice. If not, their promises were nothing. Susan Collins? Bueller?

Concern. “This will never happen” then it does.