Tired of slim body, no weight gain? Eat these things for fast weight gain

New Delhi: These days the problem of obesity is increasing rapidly and a large number of people go to the gym for weight loss, do workouts, dieting and also keep searching for weight loss tips on the internet too. But what about those people whose weight is less than average, who are underweight and who want to increase their weight. Many times the person’s body becomes lean due to loss of appetite, lack of nutrition, stress or any disease like- diabetes, cancer, thyroid etc. If a person’s BMI (Body Mass Index) is less than 18.5 based on height and weight, it means that the person is underweight and should try to gain weight.

Underweight people can have these diseases

Staying lean is not a problem but the way overweight (Overweight) Is dangerous for the body, in the same way being less weight than normal means being underweight can also cause many diseases. Lack of weight can cause a person to suffer from malnutrition, lack of vitamins in the body, weakness due to anemia, immunity can also be weak due to being underweight and bones too. There is a risk of osteoporosis. So what should you eat for weight gain, read further.

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1. Drink milk rich in fat, carbohydrates, protein and calcium. Milk helps in weight gain.
2. Protein Shake can also help in weight gain quickly, easily and effectively. Protein shake is very beneficial in building muscle
3. There are about 200 calories in 1 cup of rice and it is also a good source of carbs, so eat rice to gain weight.
4. Along with building muscle, it can help in weight gain, protein and fat rich red meat
5. If you want to increase weight, then regularly eat nuts (dry nuts) and dry fruits. If you want, you can also add butter made from nuts to the diet.
6. Potatoes, Corn, Kenwa, Kuttu, Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Legumes, Pasta, Whole-Grain Beds These are starchy foods that help increase calories and gain weight.
7. Dark Chocolate is a high fat, high calorie food that also contains antioxidants. So to gain weight, eat chocolate that contains 70% cocoa.
8. Eggs are also a good source of healthy fat, protein and other nutrients, especially the egg yolks ie egg yolk, so eggs can be eaten to gain weight.
9. Cheese rich in fat, protein, calcium and calories can also help in weight gain.
10. Eat whole grain pasta which contains calories as well as carbohydrates which can help in weight gain in a healthy way.

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