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"We believe our plan provides the best hope of ending this outbreak and escaping from repeated cycles of imposing and releasing stay-at-home restrictions." Me & Professor Ed Kaplan in

Man, we got some GOOD podcast guests coming up… 👊

".. if you have glistening infrastructure in a fascist state, you are still in a fascist state. If you get 2 years of community college free in a fascist state, you are still in a fascist state...Protecting ballot access is the only thing that matters right now."

How many women have lost their jobs because Thomas Massie and other misinformation vendors have scared them into believing that the vaccines adversely impacts fertility or pregnancies? *BTW - the only evidence on this topic suggests the opposite.

Dear Twitterverse, please enjoy this photo of Andy Ngo posing in front of some Polish fascist graffiti (that's what the yellow arrow is pointing towards), which he keeps filing fraudulent DMCA takedown requests in order to suppress.

The most anti-business governors are the ones who don’t allow businesses the freedom to set their terms of service. Czar commands that businesses comply with his political ambitions.

The people who think that rules, laws, regulations are only for show are an amazing bunch. Turns out the MAGA/QAnon folks are really for regulating others. Rules don’t apply to them.

What an incredibly weak way to say “I’m a fascist.”

Every time we are told this is over in some part of the world, an outbreak rears its head again. UK with highest number of cases since July 20th, today. Deaths and hospitalizations remain muted and this appears to be predominantly England. But ignore this at your own peril.

For the rest of time, the name will and should be associated with this magnificent piece of stupidity.

"...Rosstat, which also counts deaths in which the virus wasn’t considered the main cause, has reported a much higher pandemic death toll — about 418,000 people with Covid-19 as of August" With ~30% vaccinated, Russia NOT doing well.

Happy Birthday, ! Keep bringing us truth and Corgis!

Re-reading this, I wish to acknowledge that I was not being fully truthful. I did NOT hate seeing Trump lose his job.

The man has range: covering the gamut of boosters, edibles, family leave, and the Swine Flu epidemic that wasn't. Great newsletter. Subscribe!

Hate to see anyone lose their job, but if protecting & serving your most precious *customers* is not your priority, there are many other places to work.

Imagine committing so much of your time (paid for by your tax dollars) to causing death and damage to your constituents? How many pregnant women have to die before Thomas Massie has his fill of death— all to promote his political career.

Speaking for myself, I’ve described various contents of the Build Back Better plan at least hundreds of times in articles and tweets and on the air. Be lovely to live in a world where reporters covering a policy issue equals everybody knowing about it!

Man who can’t read hasn’t seen the front page coverage in most major newspapers. I don’t think our elected officials need a formal education, per se. But basic reading and writing skills would be nice.

Reminiscent of “To those of you who are graduating this afternoon with high honors, awards and distinctions, I say, 'Well done.' And as I like to tell the C students: You too, can be president." GWB Except for the working class…

I had not heard that Ohio is crowded and dirty, but if he likes it, it is fine with me. JD Vance made his career in California and Connecticut, so his attraction to Ohio suggests other motives.

Someone who must have been VERY VERY angry when Trump went golfing 150 times.... 150 days playing golf, assuming 4 hours per round, would be 600 hours or 15 weeks of work time. That is MORE than Pete Buttigieg's leave time.