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I heard first hand accounts, from family & friends, of the horror of Covid as it devastated care homes: the fear, the helplessness, the tragedy. Just watched Channel 4's "Help". A brilliant, traumatic drama that made the horror more imaginable. But it's still beyond imaginable.

And here we have it, folks: Johnson's "Great Brexit Bonanza" - his plan to scrap the hated EU rules that so tormented Leavists. Starts with "pint glasses can have a crown printed on them again". Makes it all worthwhile, huh? Let the milk and honey flow...

We've got a message for the new Trade Secretary, 👇 You must not allow trade deals that lower food, farming, animal welfare or environmental standards. UK farming must be protected in any new deal. We say NO to the . RT if you're with us!

Stop the cut to , which is set to pull 200,000 more children into poverty. With I'm asking my MP to fight to make sure this lifeline continues.

I just signed the petition calling on the government to give the FCA the power to block banks from closing branches in communities which are dependent on them. Will you add your name?

One curiosity here is that we are supposedly in the closing stages of a spending review. This is supposed to involve cabinet ministers negotiating with HMT over resources for next 3 years. A reshuffle now would presumably weaken departmental hands in that negotiation.

In case it’s useful, ‘dysania’ is the inability to get out of bed in the morning.

I suspect the latter. Weakest Cabinet in 300 years

Donald died of complications from having Covid. To the world, he’ll just be another statistic who died from it but to me he was my sidekick, my best friend, my babies daddy and my husband. Please be safe so you don’t have to learn this heartbreak I feel 💔😭

I’m on my way to Idaho and California to survey the damage from recent wildfires and meet with local officials. I’ll discuss our response to severe wildfires, and how we can make our nation more resilient to climate change and extreme weather.

Yes you can talk about the damage being caused by Brexit, a lesson for and

The Brexiteers are now slowly coming round to the idea that the trade deal Boris Johnson signed with the EU at the end of last year is terrible. Guys, it would have been nice if you'd bothered to look at the thing in December 2020.

He's playing with the dressing-up box again.

At Global Citizen, we work to: • Defeat Poverty, because the poor are the hardest hit in any crisis. • Defend the Planet, because a healthy planet means healthier people. • Demand Equity, because we're all born equal and should all be able to thrive. Join us.

Thérèse Coffey doesn’t understand work and pensions any more than Gavin Williamson understands education or Sajid Javid understands public health. These people are not here to master their brief or serve the public. Their sole purpose has only ever been to flatter Boris Johnson.

This is a lie and the Work and Pensions Secretary either knows she’s lying or shouldn’t be in the job. An additional £20 for a UC claimant isn’t 2 hours work, that’s not how the taper works. An extra £20 would require £50+ worth of hours, that is how the UC system works.

Might vaccinate kids, might not, might give two doses, might not, might have in-school mitigations, might not, might bring in vaccine passports, might not, might lock down, might not, might be an actual responsible government, might not.

10 hours extra, not 2 hours extra, Therese Coffey. That's the effect of losing 63p for every pound they are paid. Exactly where is a zero hours worker going to find 10 more hours per week to make up the £20 which you are cutting from them?