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Jessica William

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🇺🇸On This The 100 Year Anniversary Of My Grandfather John Coleman's Passing From Injuries Sustained In WW-I, We Honor Him And All Those Brave Americans Who Paid The Ultimate Sacrifice This Memorial Day 2021.🇺🇲

`As Her Daughter Sought A State License, South Dakota Governor Summoned Agency Head Eho Was Later Forced To Resign.

Republicans ran up massive record debt during Trump’s reckless reign. Now they’re refusing to pay for it and want the US to default on their debts. It’s all too predictable from a party that spent the past five years spending like drunken socialists.

Can Stephen King photo reach 100 retweet!

The greatest threat to our Great Nation is Not communism, socialism, Immigrants, Muslims, or brown- skinned people... the biggest threat to America is the deranged right-wing conservatives whom further radicalized, emboldened, and mobilized.

`R Kelly Found Guilty Of Racketeering And Sex Trafficking Of A Minor.

`After Their Imposing Of Vaccine Mandates, Connecticut Colleges And Universities Are Seeing Few Very Few Cases Of COVID-19

`Donald Trump Committed Crimes And Could Be Charged For Trying To Overturn Georgia's 2020 Election.

Morgan Freeman & Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. discuss the new film ‘The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain’, about the story of a mentally ill Black man killed by police in 2011. It highlights the need to overhaul policing & the need for reforming how police address mental health calls.

This used to be my student. Veronica is missing and may be in imminent danger. Praying for her safe return. Please repost‼️

`Survey Reveals 21 Million So Called Americans Say Trump Should Be Restored By Violence And The Constitution Be Damned

`As Congress Dithers On Legislative Action Regarding The Police Communities Take Matters Into Thier Own Hands.

`A Mother And Child Die In A Six Story Fall At Petco Park Before The Padres - Braves Games

How do you not “mean to” call someone a n***ger? Child clearly learned it at home

`If anyone knows what the hell just said on could you please explain it to me. He sounded as though he has 'COVID tongue.'

BREAKING: Ana Navarro destroys Trump Jr. for calling her “obese” after she tested positive for COVID, telling him, “If you want to talk about the effects of obesity on COVID, call your dad, IF he even answers. If not, ask your sister to call him for you." RT IF YOU SUPPORT ANA!