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Jessica William

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Didn't Rachel just say she was running late for something?

The city of should be enforcing CO Statute 42-4-255 against modified mufflers on vehicles. Owners of these vehicles w/modified mufflers are violating noise ordinances, disrupting & terrorizing the communities & neighborhoods with their extremely loud vehicles.

The have turned into an anti-America, lawless, depraved organized crime syndicate.

Never ever forget how stupid Eric Trump is.

Fox News continues to promote lies and misinformation to their viewers. please remove this propaganda and violence inciting channel from the cable.

Right wing propaganda and violence inciting Fox News still promoting the trump crime family. That's what they do.

Ah. I should've dug a bit deeper. The lawyer bringing Trump's lawsuit is Jesse R. Binnall, a loyalist associated with Trumpโ€™s former lawyer Sidney Powell.

Dear & Can we get a Democrat who actually cares about West Virginians to primary Joe Manchin?

Surely Trump's lawyers know that executive privilege only covers current presidents, not past ones. Trump knows it too but he keeps finding suckers to sucker for him.

The average income of a West Virginia resident: $26,000: 2nd poorest state in America and WV has consistently been in the top 5 poorest states in the U.S. Why does consistently leave out that fact when discussing @Senator_JoeManchin?

Average income of a West Virginia resident: $26,00 2nd poorest state in America Income of Senator Joe Manchin? $8 million Watch 's video!!

Everything's bigger in Texas including the the stupidity.

U.S. Companies are greedy as hell. Don't want to good wages to the workers that help make the companies successful and rich.

Thank you for dragging & It's article by & that was "dedicated to criticisms of the proposal that varied from ignorant to profoundly ignorant."

Joe giving Colin Powell a pass for lyng to the world about the "irrefutable and undeniable evidence" that Iraq was building weapons of mass destruction.

@Senator_JoeManchin market forces killed coal because it's dirty, toxic and kills people. Why do you want to defend it? You've had years to get retraining for West Virginian coal folks but you've done nothing.