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More than 65 million people have benefited from regular practice of meditation taught by Saint Dr. ji.

🌹 Good morning my Almighty papa ji🌹❤ Plz bless me more sewa sumiran aur parmarth ka bal💪 bakhshna ji ❤

Dera Sacha Sauda conducts monthly blood donation camps & the blood donated by the volunteers is used to help many patients in need including thalassemia patients . Saint Dr. Ji Insan

💘 Good morning my Rockstar🎸🎸⭐️ papa ji 💘🌸🌸 Plz bless me more sewa sumiran aur parmarth ka bal💪 bakhshna ji 🌸🌸

दरिया ने झरने से पूछा तुझे समन्दर नहीं बनना है क्या झरने ने बड़ी नम्रता से कहा बड़ा बनकर खारा हो जाने से अच्छा है छोटा रह कर मीठा ही रहूँ आप सभी को जी🌹🌹

Let's pledge to donate blood every 3 months and save 3 lives each time , hence becoming worthy of God's benevolence . Saint Dr. Ji Insan

" अहंकार " की " आरी " और " कपट " की " कुल्हाड़ी " संबंधों को काट " डालती " है ' इत्र ' ' मित्र ' ' चित्र ' और ' चरित्र ' किसी की " पहचान " के " मोहताज़ " नहीं ये " चारों " अपना " परिचय " " स्वयं " देते हैं गलतियां कीजिए पर किसी के साथ गलत ना कीजिए Everyone 🌹

💕 my Sweet Sweet papa ji 💕🌺 Plz bless me&my family more sewa sumiran aur parmarth ka bal💪 bakhshna ji 🌺 – at قلعة الفجيرة

On seeing this dedication to donate blood anytime , anywhere & save lives , Saint Dr. gave the DSS volunteers , the name ' True Blood Pumps ' .

लोग कहते है कि ईश्वर नजर नहीं आता , पर सच तो यह है कि दुख के समय जब कोई दोस्त , सम्बन्धी साथ नहीं देता , उस समय सिर्फ ईश्वर ही नजर आता है !! all of you🌹

Blood is a carrier of nutrients to the whole body. Life is unimaginable without it. Bursting the myths regarding blood donation, Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers donate blood constantly & thus, are fondly called True Blood Pumps.

Every Blood Donor Is A Super Hero. Be A Blood Donor❤ Proud to be a good donor .. By donating blood, it looks very good to us… Such a way we can save someone's life.

Blood donation is a great deed. ur one time blood donation can save upto 3 lives. Following the path shown by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan Dera Sacha Sauda followers are always ready to serve humanity and save lives by donating blood.

Blood donation is a noble task .To save lives donate blood. With guidance of Saint ji, millions volunteers of donate blood after every 3 months. खून-दान-महा-दान

by donating blood after every three months because it can save lives of those who are in need of blood and thalassemia patients

Your blood donation is the best social help. Donate blood and be a hero of someone’s life! Blood donation is the real act of humanity. Every drop of blood is like a breath for someone! Donate blood and !!

Blood donation is lifelong because there is no substitute for blood. Blood donation protects many lives. This gives people the hope of living, who have lost hope.

Regular Blood Donation by DSS volunteers is successfully securing the safety, quality, and instant availability of blood for the people in need of it. We are obliged to St. Dr. Ji Insan for instilling valour & dedication among them to donate blood!

The numbers of donors is way more than the requirement of blood bank teams In the blood donation camps organised at Dera Sacha Sauda the incrible passion True Blood Pumps & spirit to serve humanity have been instilled into millions by Saint Dr MSG.

Passionate to serve humanity by regular Blood Donation for the needy 🔴🔴. has bagged several World records by conducting Mega Blood Donation Camps with the pious inspiration of Saint Dr Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan🙏🏻🙏🏻

Humanity saviors even travel miles to save lives. DSS volunteers set another example to the world by donating blood & saving a cancer patient by travelling 300 km. Their dedication & intense selfless love for mankind are inspired by St. Dr. Ji. 🩸