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Jessica William

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Granddaughter's First day of Kindergarten 😍

It's official: We just out-raised EVERY OTHER CANDIDATE running for U.S. Senate in Missouri. Without a cent from corporate PACs, we're building a movement to fundamentally change who has power in our country. Our first mission? Taking this seat back for the people.

Republican Paul Gosar told 'dozens' of Jan 6 rioters they'd get a blanket pardon from Trump

Sounds like trump promised a “blanket pardon“ to a number of people that didn’t get one. They may be ready to spill the beans on Hair Twitler.

I'm a lawyer fighting for democracy. If you follow me, that is what you will get. If you don't like it, unfollow me.

BOOM! Facebook will turn over documents to the January 6 Committee to aid in their investigation. Who else thinks that’s the LEAST they can do?

Millions of young people could have gone to community college for free - giving them and their families a CHANCE at a BETTER LIFE. But Joe Manchin stopped it. Think of how many LIVES that will affect, especially in his state which suffers from widespread generational poverty.

Dear Sen. Manchin () and Sen. Sinema (), 'Leave no man behind' is not just a motto of the Marines. It's the policy of all US armed forces. Wouldn't it be appropriate if politicians adopted the same sense of responsibility for their fellow Americans?

Tomorrow is Moral Monday That's the day we call our local state and federal representatives and let them know the moral issues we think they should be adressing Me I'm bringing up the interaction and voting rights Capital switchboard 202)225-3121 Democracy requires participation

Twitter suspends Indiana Rep. Jim Banks' official account - ABC News via -

At OH GOP Senate debate tonight, Josh Mandel says, “there’s no such thing as separation of church and state.” “We should be instilling faith in the classroom, in the work place, and everywhere in society.”

To my amazing Twitter family, we know we are in a battle for our democracy. the press MSNBC. CNN and others want us to think all hope is lost...I refuse to believe that. We can win Virginia and New Jersey if we all get involved. Make Calls Give, Canvas, Support in many ways. 🌊🌊

Oh look. They’re starting to figure it out.

Ever have That neighbor who decides when the whole street is asleep decides How high can my stereo go?, no offense I like Johnny cash but come on 😭😭🙄randpauls neighbor wanted. hugs

BREAKING: January 6 Committee Chairman announces that Facebook is turning over the “information” that the committee requested regarding Trump and his insurrectionists’ use of Facebook to “organize the insurrection” and push the Big Lie. RT IF YOU THINK THAT THIS IS GREAT NEWS!

BREAKING: January 6 Committee Chair fingers Trump as the insurrection’s culprit, saying “America’s worst kept secret is that Trump invited individuals to the Capitol, and even promised that ‘all hell would break loose.’”RT IF YOU THINK THE JANUARY 6 COMMITTEE MUST SUBPOENA TRUMP!

BREAKING: Marjorie Taylor Greene runs away from Jim Acosta, so he tracks her down and confronts her for voting against holding Steve Bannon in contempt for defying his subpoena, and she refuses to answer and gets literally dragged away by Pete Sessions. RT IF GREENE IS A COWARD!

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but vaccine mandates have nothing to do with the labor strikes happening across the nation. The workers are striking for higher wages, workplace safety, and better work/life balance — and the vast majority are already vaccinated.