Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Lie to me in 3 words or less

I seeee you…..

Good morning to all those that care. Let your beautiful souls shine through

Sometimes my reality checks also bounce

Sometimes I consider myself quite fortunate that no one sees my tweets

Work week done.... what now? *Remembers haven't slept in 36hrs

Stroke each other’s egos and chill?

This could be us but you playin

My soul is exhausted

What's the primary reason you are on twitter

This place is so fucking stupid now. I know it, you know it. *stays on here forever

People on Twitter think you’re hot. Congratulations.

That was Dalida not David Anyways, a short but beautiful playlist ENJOY

🎶🎶 La Vie en Rose🎶🎶 David Beautifully done. Bettered only by Edith Piaff

🎶🎶Killing Me Softly🎶🎶 Roberta Flack Match only by The Fugees (Loran Hill)

🎶🎶Love Story🎶🎶 Nana Mouskouri Slow dance ... also Barbara Steisand

🎶🎶Forever and Ever🎶🎶 Demis Roussos Quietly pondering with a glass of wine

🎶🎶Somethin' Stupid🎶🎶 Frank & Nancy Senatra Cute AF. Also check out Robby Williams and Nicole Kidman version

🎶🎶Almaz🎶🎶 Randy Crawford You lucky thing

🎶🎶Time to Say Goodbye🎶🎶 Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli CHILLS, THEM DAMN CHILLS

People that make us smile, them be the heroes!