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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Receptionist by day Clothing model/idol - also by day but only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays I heard Twitter crop is gone That's pretty cool 🎉

So redrawing this now focuses on what I wanted the character to look like and it is much more satisfying rather than it looks like "anime". That's one thing I've learned is that I wanted the drawings to be accurate as what I had in my head. haha?

I remember seeing the ones on the right as "perfect" because anime was such a big influence to me and the mindset was as long as it looks anime, it's good/perfect, regardless of character

Good warmup. I am not proud on the ones on the originals on the right haha Tried to revisit the mindset of my teen years redrawing these - attempting to reiterate the ideas that I had on these characters more accurately. Mixed feelings! 🤣

getting back to the groove (2) was talking about old neglected ocs back in the day with friends , this was one of many that i have left haha redraw left, original right yeye

getting back to the groove, some scribbles of me's

Something about relationships

I will never learn that food never magically appears in the refrigerator regardless of countless times I open it.

Consider myself a new Metroid weeb after playing this incredible game

I remember seeing these specific frames of FLCL back in the day changed everything for me. Fell in love completely. hahaha

Funny how I have an interest of getting a Vespa purely because of FLCL haha, guess it do be like that tho🦀

Crazy to think that I used to only dream of getting one because it felt impossible. But I guess the fact that I saved money since highschool made it work 💓

Wait till they release/announce Eri and Fio and the sales will skyrocket TENFOLD hahaha

Currently watching maxdood's demonssouls walkthrough and got to this tweet, shit was hilarious

It's still *not a big deal* haha I'm just giving an update to anyone that're interested/excited for it That includes me! yeye

You can classify OCs based on what their "default face" is

Scorching weather over here lads, cant draw much. So I'm resting for a bit until hopefully the weather gets better! Stay tuned