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Jessica William

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John Doe

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The patreon page has helped me massive amounts and i couldnt be any more grateful!! 💖💖💖 You can donate to TWF in:

I both love and hate that The Simpsons has reached a point where you can think the stupidest, most convoluted and nonsensical plot and it probably has already happened in an episode

GOD FUCKING damnit KRIS where the FUCK are we

I've been working on this since the birthday for 3 days straight and although late, it was so worth it. Thank you Martin and Happy (late) Birthday to Mr. Walten ☎️☎️☎️

Some fake unused images I made for twf server

// disturbing imagery , eyestrain You finally start to remember

been practising ways to draw characters, i do love the file people

Yum art (this isn’t technically TWF fanart but it is the creator 🤝) it’s a redraw of his most recent art (i think most recent)

Im honestly glad i took a 3-4 month of hiatus before going full-on with production for this episode, it really avoided a secondary dev hell heh

apologies for the patreon for the lack of content this month, I'm really hoping to get episode 4 done soon-ish and have it be as good as it can be. The episode is already 50% done and I can assure the people on patreon theres MANY cut content!

This is a joke btw i just think exclamation points r silly

The more exclamation points someone uses in a sentence the less you can trust them...

Jesus not everything i say is related to twf i was reffering to that scene in the simpsons where flanders loses it or the entirety of the 1960s looney tunes shorts those are good examples

A cartoon character screaming so loud you can hear it echoing through the recording booth is peak voice acting.

Illumix's website just updated, it's a bit weird but I at least appreciate the honesty.

If i had a nickel for every time 'ive seen a youtube channel that animates gross, disturbing and grotesque parodies of children media slowly grow boring and repetitive i'd have 3 nickels, which isn't a lot but its funny it has happened 3 times.