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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

seungmin hug ft bulldog <3

jeongin getting his revenge after seungmin crashed his last live

the disappointment on seungmin’s face when he didn’t find anything in chan’s wolfchan pouch </3

chan's room? i only know seungmin's room

chan explained why he called out felix's name during his stunt on the kingdom mayfly stage and it's really heartwarming☹️

chan's little smile after his "paint that 쉿" line

chan in the matching shirt & cap <3

a little game of peekaboo with chan

please donate here if you can, they accept usd, pounds, and euros. if you need any help donating or have a different currency dm me and i’ll try to help

minho’s little giggle and smirk

minho in glasses and a cap today

as expected, seungmin has come

dimples + face scrunch!

what you need to know to understand what’s currently happening in Palestine - a thread

jeongin showing off his STAY ring

ending fairy innie is too pretty for words