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PHP Developer


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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Indians making us proud over and over again… a World Record in addition to the in … congratulations and

Happy Rakshabandhan to all …… thank you all for protecting me on social media and being there for me always ❤️

Hats off to the women of Afghanistan for standing up for themselves….

Happy Independence Day India Jai Hind 🇮🇳

Guys stop taking people and the comparisons they make on social media so seriously …’s not real…….. see a bee 🐝🐘 is bigger than an elephant here ..!!!

You do us proud boy!!! a billion thanks for bringing home the

Another step in the right direction……kudos to Kerala High Court for recognising the right of a woman to say “NO” even in a marital setup

It’s a good day to have a good day …. 😊

A storm is coming in the form of Ajju Bhai! Get ready to watch 's todun taak performance in Toofaan at Watch Party Marathon with me. When?: 3:00 PM, July 27 Where?: Check the link in bio tomorrow

Naam karo tho kuch aisa ki log tumhe harane ki koshish nahi balki sazish kar😉

To everyone who is celebrating

RIP Dadisa ……. May God bless your soul

Have nothing to write……. just want you all to know that I keep reading almost all that you all write and have you all in my prayers ..

Being reading a few newz articles …. Least said they are hilarious….. bhayi eye balls he Chahiyea tho kuch positive likh lo ….itni negativity kaha se latte ho…How do you’ll manage to know more about me better than me… least I can say .. may God bless you all 😊

Vaccinated doesn’t mean immune ….ppl you still need to mask up 😷

Sometimes you make list of things to do and land up doing nothing …….. and sometimes doing nothing is actually doing a lot …

You were and will always be an inspiration Rip

Watch this beautiful story of two broken hearts. , now streaming free only on :

Pick a problem, believe you can solve it, work hard, and voila, you've cracked it! Kudos to for simplifying the way today's youth learns and solves problems!

Zara yeh Chellam sir se mulakat karwa do! His inputs made the new mission 💯🙌🏻