Should Mushroom be eaten while pregnant and during breast-feeding? What is the opinion of experts, know

New Delhi: Mushroom is a kind of fungus, but Idibel means you can eat it. Also, mushrooms are full of vitamin D, vitamin B, iron, protein, fiber and a lot of antioxidants. Mushroom (Mushroom) Is very low in calories and is considered to be a good source of protein and fiber of good quality. About 100 grams of white button mushrooms contain only 22 calories. Combined, mushrooms can be called the power house of nutrition. But is it safe for a pregnant woman and a woman to feed her baby to eat mushrooms?

Pregnant women keep these things in mind while eating mushrooms

According to experts, there are some mushrooms that some people may have allergic reactions after eating or may have problems like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. So if you are pregnantPregnancyIf you want to eat mushrooms during this time, then you need to be very vigilant so that you do not face any kind of side effects. Also keep these things in mind:

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– If you have been eating mushrooms before you are pregnant and you have never had any allergies or side effects, then you can continue to eat mushrooms during pregnancy, but not in very small amounts.

– Do not start eating mushrooms for the first time in pregnancy because you may have some kind of allergy or side effect that you are not aware of before.

– Oyster Mushroom, Cramini and Button – These 3 mushrooms are generally considered safe and you can consume them if they are not damaged from anywhere.

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– Avoid Raw Mushroom, do not eat it by mistake. Not only pregnant women but also ordinary people should not eat raw mushrooms because it is very difficult to digest. Apart from this, raw mushrooms also contain some carcinogenic toxins which are exhausted after cooking. Therefore, it is very important to cook the mushroom well before eating it. Undercooked mushrooms can also harm pregnant women.

In addition, there is a variety of mushrooms, Magic Mushroom. Pregnant women should also not consume it because silocybin is found in this variety of mushrooms, which can cause confusion, muscle weakness, vertigo, nausea and vomiting. So do not consume wild mushrooms and magic mushrooms at all.

– If you want to eat mushrooms in pregnancy, then buy fresh mushrooms from the market and make sure that there are no stains or bruises on it.

Women who are breast feeding should also be alert

As far as breast-feeding women are concerned, they should also take the same precautions in their diet that pregnant women take so that no harmful things reach the baby through their milk.

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