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Jessica William

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Does anybody care that that we are all facing extinction from climate catastrophes and now mutations from a deadly virus? Why are people arguing over their egos on this sight? Freedom from what magas? You're all so fucking blind.

AZ has plummeted to the bottom of a list of desirable retirement destinations, thanks to low marks on housing affordability, healthcare quality, crime rates and air quality. Some things you can't just "cut taxes" your way out of.

After 1865, Jefferson Davis and his collaborators were never subjected to serious justice after leading insurrection of the Civil War. Davis later even publicly claimed that the South had never lost the war — instead victory had been “stolen” from Southerners. Sound familiar?

Marge hasn’t yet figured out that she’s part of the punchline.

I'm om a road trip.

The War on Christmas is just the tip of the iceberg. Get ready for the .

Some elected officials seem to require some schooling. Join me for a cup of coffee & ! ☕️

Texas received two new seats in Congress based on population increase that was mostly people of color. White Texas Republicans have seized upon that to create two new majority-white districts while eliminating minority districts in new redistributing map.

missing is searching for missing 11-year-old female, Lilly Krantz, from an address on Line 33, in Perth East. slender, 4'5". Last seen at 2:30am, black tights, tank top, carrying a backpack. anyone with information is asked to call 1-888-310-1122.

I’m trying to recall something that has outraged me as much as this.

I dug into data about Amplify Energy, which owns the leaking pipeline near Orange County. It turns out their subsidiary has received $20M from taxpayers to prop up unprofitable oil wells, with $11M more on the table. Where's the help for small businesses hurt by this disaster?

Watched this 100 times and still can’t stop laughing my ass off 😂🤣😆😭

In case you missed interviewing , the latest Republican candidate for , Olson refused to accept Biden’s victory as president on at least three occasions. Which makes sense given his (now former) ties to Turning Point USA.

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Steve Bannon is scheduled to appear at a banquet in Tucson. It will be held at the El Conquistador Resort in Oro Valley on 10/23. Rep Mark Finchem will attend. Call the hotel at: 520-544-5000. Tell them to cancel the Insurrection Banquet. Photo: NBC News.

Ok, if you don't respond to this, then you don't like dogs. I know you all like dogs and definitely this one.. Seriously, help us celebrate Jaime's life. Join us this Saturday from 7pm to 9pm for an incredible night. Sign up at .

Little boy's reaction at being surprised with puppy is the most beautiful thing you'll see all week.😭🐶❤🐕❤🐶😭 (🎥:Parreiras10)

Trump has arrived for his deposition at Trump Tower. If you are wondering what Trump testifying under oath looks like, here is a clip

EXPLOSIVE NEW VIDEO! is blocking Joe Biden's agenda. We found so much vile and provable corruption in Manchin's life and his families life that we could not fit it all into one video. So this is just Part 1. **RETWEET THIS EVERYWHERE**