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<THE 3RD DIGITAL MIXTAPE> stray kids - 애 'OH' album design + inclusions by . —[ ]

[NO EASY CHALLENGE] NO EASY CHALLENGE Drawing by STAY🎨 마지막 도전😤 도전 결과는 인기가요 본방 사수 후 확인하세요!

op was talking about the encore in m countdown where btob were on stage with stray kids and Minhyuk said he practised (the thunderous dance) since 7 o’clock the day before because he wanted to show it!

maybe the reason why most of stayville dudezones jisung a lot is bc we just see ourselves so much in him . or maybe thats just me idk

this is basically stayville last feb - june 2021

stray kids thunderous as the background music on sixth sense ep 12 🤍

censored everything and even called hyunjin by codes and every nickname that exists


han, felix, seungmin tv advertisement for their birthday on tvn before 'amazing saturday' broadcast!

“On their latest album NOEASY, Stray Kids perfect their ability to make even the quiet parts unabashedly loud, showing us how to live with the noise — not run away from it.” unpacks the new

lmao i have one like this at home and it's rly fun to use

[NO EASY CHALLENGE] 처음으로 도전한 NO EASY CHALLENGE Drawing by STAY🎨 단체 버전! 도전 결과를 지금 바로 확인하세요😉

has exceeded 2,100,000 copies sold on Hanteo with all their albums.

[스키지기] 항상 에너지 넘치는 "소리꾼" 무대❤🖤 내일도 신나게 가보자고⚡🔥