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Jessica William

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Today I voted to recall and to replace him with


Can someone let me know if there's another network where this discussion could be held? For those incapable of viewing the world without the simplistic and divisive binary presented to you: is this a left-wing or a right-wing message?

🚨WARNING GASLIGHTING AHEAD🚨 They're intentionally trying to scare you into believing the only way to save it is to privatize it. THAT'S A LIE. We print our own money and can pay for anything we want to. How do you think they keep funding wars?

Good morning Friends, today is the first day of Labor Day weekend and that means for us retail sales people long hours and busy times. Do me a favor please, if you go shopping today be nice to the associates they are working hard for you! If you need a new mattress, DM me! Thanks

Johnson is being prosecuted as a *terrorist* for no reason other than helping journalists like me report on the reality of factory farms. Please watch this video report we were able to do about a hideous mass killing method of pigs used by .

2020 Dems: "Vote for us, so we can fix everything Trump broke!" 2021 Dems: "We can't fix anything. Here is a list of excuses instead." 2022 Dems: "Vote for us, so we can do everything we promised last time!"

BREAKING: Starting Labor Day we will till we get housing and good paying jobs for ALL! Joining the action Monday 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪 💪

And yet you are demanding a sham prosecution of Julian Assange for specific act of journalism that won awards around the world.

Sorry if I mute you. Some things are not up for debate imho. Specially not in English.

I don't hold 100% Leftist views but appreciate finding a few real Leftists that think for themselves and research enough to not fall for propaganda. These Liberals that would just like to see a couple of better policies calling themselves Leftists are annoying.

communism haiku, let's go! communism good capitalism destroys revolution now

Far-right Peruvian oligarch Keiko Fujimori (daughter of Peru's fascistic dictator) sends "total solidarity" to Bolivia's murderous coup leader Áñez, while absurdly calling the elected gov't of President Luis Arce "the regime of Evo Morales" (who hasn't been president for 2 years)

General Strike Summit A three-day live stream event that covers how to put together a successful general strike Panel discussions, interviews, activists, and everyday Americans discussing strategies on how to make a General Strike a reality Discussing this today at 3pm EST

I wanted to clip this out bc many on Twitter likely are not even aware of this, but y’all will be glad you heard what Chris had to say here. Full speech here:

My new drug of choice is alternating between alt right, right wing, shitlib, progressive and global south Twitter really quickly until I nice and dizzy.