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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

is on fire on Kucoin. What’s happening?

Cash - Private CBDC - Transparent CBDC

It’s TIME to buy some , &

node Are you ready for the pump !! 🚀🚀

Fun Maths is sitting at 80x in the last 8 months Also It was 150x at its ATH Another 80x from here would only be 6.40$ Another 80x from there is only 512$ wich is close to 1% of world trade and finance Few ....

I got a bad case of fuckmyjob-itus.

What asset have you seen the most gains (% wise) from since you’ve started investing? Mine are & , with (189%) coming in close.

Guarda Wallet enables instant purchase of XDC via bank cards, wire transfers and Apple Pay

your time to shine is coming very very soon 😎

Let me be clear here on will be used for liquidity/remittance/cross border paiments will be used for funding/tokenisation/smart contracts will be used to connect them all Now stop that silly comparaison who is the best and who Central banks will use

- so many to choose from, take your pick…

$OCEAN🌊 might make this double bottom for a move higher.. on the 4H price broke above the 200MA thats a good sign only need more volume to move higher & for confirmation.. Crypto All Day..

🥩 Bottom is in?? Price ranging side ways in green box a good buying oppertunity.. also moving averages curving to eachother.. Crypto All Day..

What crypto do you wish you held more of? For me it’s QNT & DAG. Happy with all of my assets, but a guy can always dream bigger. $SAFEMOON

Imagine not understanding that is launching on Monday. is New Up 30% on the 12 hour 100 million max supply with rewards for holding

🔥 explossive breakout from the fallin wedge with good volume.. i was buying this coin on the dip in the green box.. Crypto All Day..

I say the “over” is the right way. My wife always does it the “under” way. I change that m’fer right back to over when I see it. Does anyone else share this pet peeve?