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Jessica William

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G’day from Down Under . Thanks for your interest in the Territory. I’m the Chief Minister. Below are a few facts about COVID down here.

Steve Schmidt Where's why aren't we calling out the troops? Why aren't we calling out GOP lies in the halls of Congress. Why aren't we having prime time townhalls, press conferences. Where are Senate/House Dems? Get out there. Speak Up!!!

wait till you hear what Timothy Snyder says on the lessons of 20th century authoritarianism. He predicted the , now he warns of greatest violence

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BACK-to-BACK-to-BACK 💪 Liam McBean is a goal kicking machine 🎯 Congratulations on your 3rd Ken Farmer Medal in a row 🎉 Read more 👉

If you don’t believe in science what are you doing at the hospital?

Of course Morrison's MP George Christensen—a regular on Murdoch's SkyNews—would believe dangerous Covid misinformation. These same anti-mask, anti-lockdown myths have been preached by NewsCorp for more than a year.

Logan Martin Gold in BMX!!!

Hillary Clinton testified for 11 hours and she answered every question. Nothing criminal was found. It's Trump's turn.

Go you Aussies!!!! Matilda's down the Poms. Woo hoo!

Jess Fox!!! You little ripper!!!!!!

What a win for the Aussie rowing team! 🥇 Celebrating the exhilarating moments of skill, power and talent brought to this year's games by the competing athletes of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. |

I wish nothing but the best for Simone Biles. Now and forever. Do what is best for you.

YES!!!!! 4 X 100 WORLD RECORD!!!

For those of you watching at the remember: Fanatics breed fanaticism.... Retweet-Comment-Follow: