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Jessica William

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There is an account that is pretending to be me. This is the second time that this has happened to me. I just reported it. The name handle of the fake account is: Please retweet.

BREAKING NEWS: Florida Gov. DeSantis GOES OFF on a reporter who asks him if a mask mandate would have saved the 7 Florida children currently fighting for their lives in the Intensive Care Unit, calling the reporter’s question “deplorable.” RT IF YOU THINK DESANTIS IS DEPLORABLE!

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BREAKING NEWS: Trumper Mike Lindell announces that MyPillow has already lost over $65 million over his support of Trump and his Big Lie — after being dropped by America’s biggest retailers, including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Sam’s Club, and Kohl’s. RT if you think he DESERVES it!

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BREAKING NEWS: FOX News “Judge” Napolitano is FIRED after a male production assistant sues the network, accusing him of sexually harassing him on an elevator. The suit also accuses him of “sexually harassing numerous young male employees.” RT if you think he should be LOCKED UP!

Gosars siblings believe he’s not fit for Congress. RT if you agree with them.

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NEW VIDEO 📽️: Congressman Paul Gosar was one of the main organizers of Jan. 6th, but that isn't the first time he tried to overturn the election. He's enlisted the help of the Proud Boys & collaborates with Neo-Nazis like Nick Fuentes. RT if you agree we must expel

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