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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Just read them both, one after the other! Loved them, and they made me long to be back in France!

Really sad to read that ship “Bretagne”’s days are numbered😢! She’s always been my favourite ferry, love the layout, the little shops, and that special staircase!

Sending you sunny vibes from a sunflower field in southern France 💛

Lovely to get a different view of ship Pont Aven heading out of Plymouth this afternoon, heading for Spain. Taken from the Folly in Mount Edgcumbe Country Park at Cremyll. – at Mount Edgcumbe House & Country Park

Nothing comes close to a real French pain au chocolat🤪!

Fine thanks! Both jabbed but rarely feeling safe enough to go out, so just watching the ferries for now. Missing our trips with and very “homesick” for France😢!

Great to see Pont Aven sailing past us in the (v hazy) distance agn after so long! The Cornish mist’s been too dense to see her previous journeys this week, but today we have beautiful sun, and seeing her felt like a ray of hope, even if we can’t be onboard yet!

Èze is stunning! If you have a chance to go there, don’t miss it!

What has happened to ur Customer Services ? I got disconnected on Live Chat, CS phone line says it is closed, chat button has disappeared and the online form section isn’t working! Pt of my order hasn’t arrived,+ an email says u r sending me something i haven’t ordered!

Good morning! Enjoyed the article on growing fruit trees this morning. Could you please tell me what this beautiful tree is, photographed by my daughter on a walk near Bath last Sunday? Thanks!

Sparrows enjoying a cold lunchtime bath in our garden today!

Nearly 500,000 people have signed 's petition for Have you added your name yet? 💙

Welcome to March. We’ve had a stern chat with last March who has assured us this March will be much less, how shall we say, horrific. So keep the masks on, keep diving into hedges to avoid people, you know the drill, and let’s trundle our way towards a lovely Summer. As you were.

We love the NHS, they said. NHS staff are heroes, they said. NHS forever, they said. All the whole quietly siphoning huge tranches of NHS care into US corporate hands. Please RT if you won’t stand for it.

If you had even the slightest doubt that lockdowns work 👇🏼

Terrible news. Another 1,725 Covid deaths recorded in the UK yesterday. The 2nd highest daily toll of the whole pandemic. On top of us having the worst rate of deaths in the entire *world*. Yet claims he's done "everything possible". Eye-watering dishonesty.

Hi , can you please tell me why Part-baked Rolls and Baguettes are no longer available to online shoppers? We are shielding and this was our only way of getting “fresh” bread in lockdown, apart from sliced, now they have been removed from your list! Thanks.

If you're clapping tonight, please also follow us so that we can tell you about the many other ways to support NHS staff There are things we really need right now, like urgent vaccinations And a follow and RT could really help us raise awareness of these issues

., this isn’t a game! Delays to food and medicine imports will put our lives and livelihoods at risk. In these conditions, would cause huge suffering. Please act now to stop this disaster. Please extend the transition period and do a deal.

Over 700K people have joined the to call for a Global Common Good -- free of patents, so that everyone in the world can have access, even the poorest. Sign and RT!