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2017: Imagine if we could invent a bonkers conspiracy theory that would make MAGAs commit mass suicide. 2021: Holy shit that was fast.

A female attorney in our firm who moved to TX attempted for a second time to get a TX drivers license. She brought he SS card her Colorado DL, two bills in her husband’s name and a certified birth certificate. She was turned away insisting they needed her marriage license.

america won't build us any high speed railroads because they are afraid what will happen once we realize trains are cool as shit

we connected iowa to san francisco in 1869 using 1900 miles of rail. 100 years later we put a man on the moon. 42 years later our ambitions are essentially gone

after listening to the news this morning 14 yr old says: “It’s strange that people think that a vaccine that has helped millions of people will kill them but a virus that has killed millions of people won’t.”

Scorching. Remember Paradise literally burned to the ground in 2018? And how we were all for the next year? The one HUGE tradition that Paradise has had for over a decade and was one of their first businesses to reopen after the fire was their winter ice rink.

It’s time to put on those old Neil Young records, because tonight is the Harvest Moon. The Autumnal Equinox (or beginning of Fall) is Wednesday. The full moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox is called the Harvest Moon, and tonight is a full moon.

Last week, the third busiest rail line in the country had its southern portion cancelled when high waves caused unexpected erosion. Somehow it's barely a story. Climate change mitigation needs to start now.

If the vaccine was dangerous they would've given it to poor people first, not politicians and billionaires.

Obergefell is more vulnerable than anyone wants to believe. A state in the Fifth Circuit re-bans gay marriage, the Fifth Circuit defies Obergefell and upholds the ban, and SCOTUS grants cert. Easily 5-4 to overrule, if not 6-3. No clever bounty system necessary!

Antivaxxers' affection for Regeneron is fascinating. It's under an EUA, and is not FDA-approved. It's a new technology. Its clinical trials started just before the trials for the vaxxes, so we have no idea what the long-term effects of taking it are. And yet antivaxxers love it.

I’m going to be straight with my like…16 followers. As a military urologist if scrotal swelling was a vaccine side effect I would be the first to know. No one is more attentive to their testicles than men in the military.

Seriously if you were tasked with saving you and your families lives would there possibly be anything easier to accomplish this than wearing a mask? Yeah my glasses fog up. Me and my family are alive. What the fuck are we talking about.

Still looking for a CA recall story that points out Larry Elder actually won just 26% of all votes cast. The number featured in most stories is 46%, but that’s his percentage of question 2 votes. I don’t know what “war” he thinks he’s going to win with numbers like that.

Why am I not surprised? Park City Hospital Dr. Reports That Unvaccinated COVID Patients Can Be Abusive

Really cool news. Some kid at my daughter’s school has covid symptoms so her mom took her to some holistic medicine place and pricked her finger, looked at her blood and said she’s negative and the school was cool with that

A poll worker in West Hollywood this morning. Isn’t this shit illegal?

Deaths from Covid-19 are likely being under-counted severely -- the only question is how severely. The H1N1 death toll of 17,160 Trump used to tout is almost SEVEN times the initial count of 2,498.

Moments ago, let someone stand behind the Seal of Florida and say: "The vaccine changes your RNA." It does not. No corrections. No shame. Facts here: )