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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

with some Dia de los Muertos chick. – at Charrito's

I’m getting a courtesy wake up call from and a FREE breakfast burrito before 11am today 10/21/21 😈 Get yours too by just texting “wake up” to this # below (866-wakeup3) 📲🌯 Let’s go!!

is the only courtroom in America where you can cry and use circumstances that have nothing to do with your tickets, (like falling down steps, your dog being taken by the city shelter, etc), and the judge will dismiss your case lol smh 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

Meanwhile on a Manhattan highway 😵‍💫 (and if he gets hit and killed pols will still find a way to somehow blame cars..)

I strongly feel Snapple is using some kind of illegal/illicit ingredients in their Lemon Tea because it’s abnormal that I feel like I must have it multiple times of the day.

FREE TENNIS. Totally tippable (on my profile) 😎💰

Yo yo. Cashed my whole check. Bought one Ho Ho..

Are you fucking kidding me ? A 10¢ charge for giving me a paper bag? A bag charge is traditionally for plastic bags for “environmental” reasons. Am I expected to really carry an order for 2 people with a drink & utensils loose? It’s getting ridiculous..

When two different posts work together, a dog now has human legs 👍

Rub a dub dub.. what were three men doing in a tub together in the first place 🤨

Possibly the best home exit ever 🌃💙

Ok. up to episode 10. It just got twistingly fucked. And I’m here for it 🤯😍😈

Caught my dogs rolling deep and ridin dirty af.

If you’ve never drank iced tea after eating a banana you’re missing out on a sublime experience.

‘Saved by the bell’ sounds like ‘say bye to Bill’. That’s it.. That’s the tweet..

Watching at night is completely different from watching during the day 👀 and no chill 😱