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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Is this the best back to the office video ever?

I went through the whole day and I didn't even take any horse medication.

I dropped out of high school when I was 15, and spent a tortured lifetime immersed in my addiction. I’m 54 now, 5.5 years clean. Today is the first day of my senior year in college. I can’t even believe it

She broke up with him. She’s getting vaxed. They are talking again, but he seems to understand that he was out of line. 🤞🏼

Update on my “she’s 22” post from a few weeks ago (deleted): my daughter requested opinions on what she should do about her POC/native Am boyfriend who said he would break up with her if she got vaxed.

My mom had surgery on a broken bone two weeks ago. She no longer needs her pain meds, so I’m now picking up frozen margaritas (to-go) per her request. 🤣 To-go drinks are legal in her town.

Dem Volunteer opportunity for Spanish speakers:

Ok guys...last ask..I am 45 short.of 5K FOLLOWERS.... I'm asking for 1 more push to get me over......

Tonight I helplessly held the hand of and stroked the hair of a beautiful 14 year old girl as she exited this world. She was looking forward to starting high school and eventually becoming a veterinarian. It was so senseless! I truly believe she could have been saved if her

Not to brag but...

This was her tray tonight. Plus we had brownies with lots of pecans.

Why am I still in Twitmo? 🤨 On another note, my 88 yr old mom broke her ankle and we’ve been watching tv/movies together and I’m cooking for her. Tonight we had shrimp scampi and watched 2 episodes of Queen’s Gambit. What else should I cook?

BREAKING: Miami’s School Superintendent hits back at DeSantis: “I won’t allow my decision to be influenced by a threat to my paycheck, a small price to pay considering the gravity of this issue and the threat to the health of our students.” RT IF YOU’RE WITH THE SUPERINTENDENT!

I’m still waiting for anti-vaxxers to explain why there are millions of people who have been vaccinated that are doing perfectly fine and why unvaccinated people are the ones overwhelming the hospitals.

I’m in Twitmo but will follow back when I can!

A husband and wife in Texas who didn't trust the COVID-19 vaccine changed their minds when they ended up in the ICU. By that point it was too late for vaccination — and now they’re begging relatives to make sure their children get their shots.

We had a President who was so upset about losing an election that he tried to overthrow the government In the United States of America

Hi everyone! I wasn't going to do this, but my 11th grade class from last year - seniors this year - at the school I'm principal of, challenged me to reach 10K followers on Twitter by Sept 1st. Since I only have 30 days left, I'm asking for your help to spread the word. 🙏