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Before 1921, diabetes was 100% fatal. In 2021, 1 in 4 American diabetics ration insulin to survive because Big Pharma prices it at $300.00 a vial, when it only costs a few cents to produce. People are dying because of sheer greed.

When Manchin entertains the Big Loser's best friend, Lindsay Graham, it's pretty easy to see where his loyalties lie. Spoiler Alert - It's not with the Democrats.

Have you seen this child? Jadalis Rodriguez 14-year-old, Jadalis was last seen July 16, 2021 inLynn, .

🚨Arkansas confirms two child deaths from COVID. The first pediatric COVID-19 death happened at the end of last year but took time to confirm. The second death happened THIS MONTH. 12 kids are currently hospitalized and 7 are CRITICALLY ILL.

***URGENT MISSING*** Michael Vaughan, 5, has been in , for one week today. Extensive searches are still underway but no trace of him has been found. Residents are encouraged to check their property and any security cameras for any sign of Michael.

Just a reminder that Cori Bush had an AR-15 pointed at her by Mark and Patricia McCloskey last summer. And on the SAME DAY that Cori Bush's activism helped save millions from eviction, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson pardoned the McCloskeys for waving their guns at her. Just wow.

I agree that but now can we also go after Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz, Roy Moore, Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, & the rest of the sexual predators that have leadership roles! They all deserve to rot in jail! I’m so tired of men getting away with this sh*t! 😡

to all courageous Republicans calling for Cuomo to resign: where were you when your own party was installing a Supreme Court Justice who was so blackout drunk all the way through prep school and college that he has no idea how many women he assaulted

Charlie Crist calls on DeSantis to require Florida state employees to be vaccinated

Though COVID infections in Florida are sky high & hospitals in crisis mode, predictably chooses politics over science & threatens to withhold funds to schools requiring masks. Guess your kids lives don't matter either to him...

Your kids may be home again for distance learning. Your favorite restaurant may close. Someone you know may die. Why? Because Republicans are lying about the vaccine & not enough of us are inoculated. Get the shot. The GOP won’t miss you when you’re gone. But your family will.

Joe Manchin's houseboat is named "Almost Heaven," but after Lindsey Graham stepped aboard over the weekend, Twitter has unanimously voted to rename it: "Karma"

Hey there’s 9 new COVID-19 admissions on the Pediatric unit I’m working at today! But, tell me how you want to withhold funding from schools with mask mandates! BTW, one just expired! 🤬🤬🤬 You’re KILLING OUR CHILDREN ASSHOLE! 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

NEW: 168 students and 3 teachers in quarantine after first week of school in Marion, Arkansas due to positive cases and possible exposure to Covid-19.

My good friend and colleague Gunther Hashida who is an MPD officer who responded to the January 6th insurrection has taken his own life. His family has setup a gofundme page. Please consider helping them and retweeting to pass on.

COVID surging in FL again. My husband and I are vaccinated. I’m not worried about us, like I was before. If we get it, it likely wont kill us. I’m really worried about small kids in our family. I’m pissed at those whose herd stupidity has impeded us from reaching herd immunity.

I will lose any respect for anyone considering to vote for .... whether he runs again for FL Gov or considers running from Prez next term. FL death toll and Covid19 contracting toll continues to surge. This is not a leader. This is a murderer.

Can we help Ben get to 25,000 followers? If so, I will donate $2,000 personally to an Autism Charity of his choice!! Please help spend my $$$$$