Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

When you in the arcade with the squad and y'all about to get next on Marvel vs Capcom 2

Also, your life is yours to live. Not anybody else and don't give a damn how many hours they were in labor with you. Bitch, you were worth the wait.

Y'all need to take care of your mental and physical health first. Don't worry about letting others down because if you're depleted you can't function well and you'll let them down anyway.

I don't know if this person was in their feelings or fighting back a breakdown but I was doing some student outreach that isn't even part my job just checking up on folks and one got snappy and said I don't really care and I said if I didn't care I wouldn't ask AND OH BOY

The movie's release may be postponed indefinitely but the merchandise train doesn't stop! SHIN ULTRAMAN lands in the S.H. Figuarts line! (Forgot to post this over the weekend)

The GOAT John Wesley Shipp returns in Stargirl season 2!

I want some wings now after laying witness to that abomination

Y'all already know I've made that Bayonetta 3 design my wallpaper on multiple devices.

Game Grumps? more like SHAME Grumps

the twitter dot com experience

my level of enthusiasm coming into work today

Man Honestly Thought Breakdown Would Be More Obvious To People

I really do hate the packaging for the US releases of these


Now I know I'm not feeling well; looking at titties isn't making me feel better.

Watching OG King Kong vs Godzilla because my life is dope and I do dope shit

I'll do you one better...