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There's literally everything under Sidharth's hashtag on Instagram except for Sidharth himself. It's a sincere request to please let it just be him and his beautiful memories there. 🙂

The world has got so much of everything.. only if we become better observers💫

I know it'd get better with time but for now..the way reality is affecting n thoughts hit..the way events from the 2nd n Sidharth's memories keep flashing..happens only when u lose someone who has made an impact on ur life/heart.. Strength to Shehnaaz, Rita Aunty n his sisters🙏

I hv a strong intuition abhi kuch baaki h there is still a lesson to learn for us There is still something that is holding me here It feels like Sid is saying "Hold on a little longer" It's like he himself doesn't want me to let it go Just don't know what !🥺🥺

For the body is bound to leave one day.. but the soul shall remain❤ The physicality is short lived.. but the love shall remain❤

Most loved duo without any doubt! Not seen even 1% of them n still I know I've witnessed something very rare n pure btw two souls❤ The reality keeps coming back to haunt💔 i just know will always have an irreplaceable spot in my heart❤

They are The most loved duo anyone has ever come across, it’s a fact. Congrats to our King & Queen for Winning unanimously the award of The Most Loved Duo to Feature in a Music Video ♥️

Heartfelt Congratulations to & for winning Most loved duo to feature in a music video at 'The Clef Music Awards' 2020-2021.

Sidharth.. you've been a gem.. you're a gem.. you'll remain a gem❤ Rita Aunty has been proud of you.. she's proud of you.. she'll always be proud of you❤

If what they've had is incomplete toh mujhe nahi pataa complete kya hota hai..labels make it complete for the world par unki apni duniya mei they've known n lived it all. Waqt kam likha tha..they deserve more..par the last line..kisi ka forever kitna lamba do we decide💔

The bond SidNaaz share is more than what some write or as some think 'romanticize', more than what few downplay, more than what many would ever understand, more than even what the article described it to be! It's rare coz it's real & it's rare coz it's pure. 🥺💖

I nominate for The . A man with charming personality & heart of gold who has become everybody's favourite just by being himself. ♥️

Baaz, I can’t imagine what you must be feeling. Your love for Sid is so beautiful, he’s proud of you, just like us. Lots of love & strength to you ♥️ He is with us, through the memories he gave us. Always in our hearts ♾

Your memories will be as real as you You will always stay alive with me You will always be alive in our memories

Winner of all hearts ♥️

Akhon se tu hai dur par dil ♥️ ke bahut kareeb hai AB BAGWAN ki tarah sidharth bai teri pooja kronga ab yahi mere naseeb hai 🙌 SHER 🦁