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Jessica William

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November marks 1 year since unemployment has been reviewing my application. Everytime I call, they say they're too busy to take my call. Good job,

So my 4yo daughter is starting kindergarten. I lost the voucher help for tuition. So I tried enrolling her in public school but they rejected her because of her age. I tried getting scholarships but she was also rejected because of age. How am I supposed to pay for her school?

So turns out the VA is refusing to provide care for ny partner because his accident wasn't related to his military service. They are going to bill us for his surgeries and not to mention PT, at $227 a session. I want to start a gofundme, but not sure how effective it'll be.

Selling this on offer up to help pay medical expenses. Anyone interested?

So the guy who hit my bf not only completely turned our lives upside down, but has also decided to cost us a fortune. Hospital bills, therapy bills, shower equipment, new toilet seat with handles, all the thinking about selling my watch if anyone is interested

Anyone personally recovered or know someone who has recovered from a broken femur? How long was the recovery and how hard?

My bf was hit by a car while riding his bike, and they left him for dead k.o'd on the side of the road. He was found and had surgery for a shattered femur for starters. The other guy is walking around care free, not knowing if they killed him. Why are people like this?

For everyone who has followed me for my work, thank you and I know I've been slacking on my posting but my family is really going through it right now and I would appreciate the support. Much love 💘

I've uncovered an absolute gem. S10 of was in 2004. In Emma's bay episode, Ross's parents say in their message to her that in 17 years, her 18th birthday, they might not be alive. 17 years later, showed both alive and well. 🤷🏽‍♀️pretty cool to me

When I was a little girl, I used to turn to books and writing in moments of high anxiety. As an adult, I never thought my anxiety would be so bad, that I'd be scared of my coping mechanisms because of the flood gates it would open.

Why is it everytime a wholesome woman is introduced in a TV show, she has to have some identity crisis that leaves her sleeping with a bunch of men before she gets back to where she was? What's wrong with a wholesome woman who just doesn't want to sleep around?

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