People who do not have diabetes, they are also being made a patient of sugar, identify with these symptoms

New Delhi: By the way, it has been fully proved that from children to the elderly and healthy adults, the disease caused by the new coronavirus Kovid-19 (Covid-19) Infection can happen to anyone. But some of these people are definitely those who, if they get this infection, then their risk of getting seriously ill or death due to Kovid-19 increases. The list of these people includes the elderly, as well as those who already have a disease such as heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes patients most at risk of severe Kovid

People who already have diabetes (Diabetes), They need to be cautious, but according to the new research which is coming out daily on Kovid-19, according to those who have no history of diabetes disease, even those people who have diabetes after Kovid-19. The disease is being seen. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people who have type 2 diabetes (Type 2 diabetes) If they have Kovid-19 infection, then they have a higher risk of becoming seriously ill and it does not matter what their age is.

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Patients getting diabetes due to Kovid-19

Professor Francesco Rubino of King’s College London says, “The relationship between diabetes and Covid-19 is bidirectional, that is, it works in both directions.” At the beginning of the corona virus epidemic, it was learned that people who have diabetes disease are at highest risk of getting severe kovid or death due to kovid. But after that the experts also got such cases in which the patient of Kovid-19 did not already have diabetes but it happened after some time. Some of these people were also those who had no history of diabetes, but they were also experiencing severe diabetes during the time when they had severe Kovid-19. There were some cases in which no one had diabetes in the family history of the patient.

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Diabetes disease occurs due to autoimmune reaction

Rubino further says, what is the reason behind the diabetes disease caused by Kovid-19 is not completely clear yet. But it is so important that in other viral infection diseases, there is an autoimmune reaction in the body that triggers diabetes. So Kovid-19 is also a disease caused by virus and it may be that it is also working under this process.

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Recognize these symptoms

If you see these symptoms during and after Kovid-19 infection, then be cautious as it can be a symptom of diabetes:
-frequent urination
– Increased appetite and thirst
– Feeling very tired

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