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Jessica William

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BREAKING: New poll finds that the Supreme Court’s approval rating has plummeted from 60% to 49% in only the last 2 months due to Texas’ abortion law, Kavanaugh, and Coney Barrett. Historians say it’s the sharpest drop in modern history. RT IF YOU DISAPPROVE OF THE SUPREME COURT!

Aug. 15, 2021: In the US, disabled people are about 12% of the working-age population, but make up more than 50% of those living in long-term poverty, according to the National Council on Disability. People with disabilities left behind during COVID-19

"And one day we must ask the question, ‘Why are there forty million poor people in America?’ And when you begin to ask that question, you are raising questions about the economic system, about a broader distribution of wealth." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., August 1967

The working class shouldn’t be paying $800ish per month with a $5000 deductible for healthcare either 🤔 America needs universal healthcare to include dental,hearing, sight, mental and PRESCRIPTIONS.

Working families should not be paying more in taxes than corporations.

BREAKING NEWS: American Airlines announces that it will begin mandating ALL employees to get vaccinated against COVID — or else be fired. RT IF YOU SUPPORT AMERICAN AIRLINES’ DECISION!

So let me get this straight: we can afford to spend $700 billion a year on defense, but we can’t afford to spend $350 billion a year to defend ourselves against the climate crisis?

Cool logic. Murder is a personal choice. Let's make it legal... CU made it legal to bribe politicians and increased it by a trillion percent. Get rid of CU is step one.

Campaign Finance Reform and Term Limits NOW!

We need to reverse Citizens and end PAC and nonprofit political participation and make campaigns 100% publicly funded, using democratic vouchers to even the playing field & end so no one can use their wealth to influence reps and steer election results.

Citizens United made Congress for sale to the highest bidder.

yep until we overturn citizens united and add term limits nothing will change no matter whos elected

She was at a fundraiser tonight in Arizona? And she had the nerve to write a lengthy statement about people not passing the smaller infrastructure bill! I can’t wait to vote her out.

Maybe she needs questioning by the Ethics Committee

BREAKING: Kyrsten Sinema just FLED out the back door of her secret fundraiser tonight with rich donors who are bribing her to oppose Biden’s Build Back Better Act after being spotted & confronted by angry protesters for betraying them for money. RT IF YOU SUPPORT THE PROTESTERS!

BRAVO to California for officially becoming a permanent vote-by-mail state!!! RT if you think YOUR state should follow too.

If you’re still wearing a mask, washing your hands, and staying away from people, please retweet because sometimes people try to make me feel different.

U.S. covid death toll hits 1,500 a day amid delta scourge - The Washington Post