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Jessica William

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Can't get enough Covid? Now from the MAGA that brought you Delta, try out Delta Plus w/ all the symptoms you've come to love & die from, but now w/ 2x more! That's right folks, why have the other 2 hoaxes, when you could get more for the same price? We're so fvcked!

I think the only way to save us from the unvaccinated, especially in Florida & Texas is to have the most "radical left" in eyes of MAGA (Biden, AOC), come out & say we must lift all mask & vaccination mandates. MAGA would instantly say they're mandatory. Am I wrong?

Re: Cuomo WE hold our own accountable. Thank you for standing up to power regardless of party. IMO he needs to resign. But to my rep in Congress who said so- until you hold YOUR own to the same standards- sit down.

RT if you’re vaccinated but still wearing a mask.

BREAKING: President Biden just said he believes that Governor Cuomo should resign.

Right now, too many people are dying — or watching a loved one dying — and saying “if I just got vaccinated.” It’s heartbreaking, but it’s preventable. This is about life and death — and the vaccine will save your life.

Is it just me or does watching Jen Psaki spank Peter Doocy turn you on too?

Fox News suspended in Australia for spreading false news about Covid, could it happen here?

Why hasn't Matt Traffic Gaetz resigned????? He's going to prison for sex trafficking for gods sake! C'mon President Biden, demand that Gaetz resign! I've fucking had it with these predatory Republicans that face no consequences!

Fox News has been suspended in Australia for their BS news on all things covid. That's not even including Jan. 6 Don't you think it's time other countries followed suit?

Getting the Covid vaccine increases penis size by at least 30%. (WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING.)

If Andrew Cuomo resigns, so should Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan and Brett Kavanaugh!

Who thinks Jen Psaki is fking awesome?

Why don't we let Trump, Gaetz, Cuomo, Kavanaugh, and the entire male sex take rest from running everything . . . and let women take over for a while.

Schumer and McConnell approach the mics at the same time for their weekly pressers. Schumer pops in a second before McConnell and says: “The prerogatives of the majority.”

Hi guys one of the absolute sweetest men on here could really use a boost. He supports us all, he’s always lovely and so polite. Please if you’re not already following do so. Thank you.❤️

Nice guys don't grab women in intimate places or kiss them without their consent!

When the Supreme Court struck down preclearance, GOP politicians sprung into action to make voting harder for Blacks & Latinos , - SAVE DEMOCRACY & make the LAW❗️

Some GOP legislatures can now overturn election results & secretaries of state have been divested of election authority , - SAVE DEMOCRACY & rollback these authoritarian power grabs❗️