Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

my account is growing faster than i can control so its time to set some rules. breaking any means i block u without question: 1. if ur someone i work(ed) with: LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. this place is not for u 2. don't be weird or horny at me unless we're mutuals 3. please be nice to me

can’t believe they wrote a whole book after a sidney gish song

honestly rate urself: Appearance: Nataline/10 Creativity: 2/10 Mental Health: 3/10 Empathy: 9/10 Humor: 7/10 Patience: 7/10 Social skills: 6/10 Honesty: 8/10

so um did an old account just deactivate or did a mutual softblock me 🥺

Nataline 2024

once my tongue is pierced and my tits are bitched i will rule this miserable world with a gender fist

every person who has ever related to the front bottoms is sentenced to an eternity in hell

Dark Souls was released on this day in Japan, 10 years ago

no i don’t “bottom”, i give a little taste of some

my favorite compliment that i get is when people tell me i look good while my guts get pounded in. like aww i’m so glad u like the faces i make when i’m on the verge of mental collapse 🥰

that’s her little back paw btw

my suspicions look to be correct lol

where should i post my cat pics

if i ever went viral i’d get so stressed i’d puke

took a group of renowned writers and physicists out to the circus call that Barnes & Nobel

dw everyone i was quickly talked out of the glock lol

so what chapter do y’all think toby is gonna confirm susie and noelle as t4t?

one time a man working in a shop outright told me that i was ‘magnetic’ bc he had no business at all before i walked in and when i left there were over 5 people looking around

the chaser effect is when a line that ur waiting in is twice the length when u leave vs when u join

what’s a good handgun for a first time owner? i am leaning towards getting a glock but i’d appreciate some more experienced opinions