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Jessica William

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"Never said that, never said anything like that."

Why is the world’s most moral army so scared of the International Criminal Court? doesn’t have the answer …

Chevron is right now trying to jail the one critic, , who actually held them accountable.

Sir, can you do a cover of the song "Hit or Miss"?

love them! thank you for ALL your work john

you should do covers of John Lennon songs and Mark David Chapman can do covers of Ronald Reagan songs

Lauren Boebert denies that masks work and thinks that vaccines are a conspiracy. She also helped orchestrate the insurrection. RT if you think Video by host

This footage documents the moment when Israeli occupation forces brutally arrested a defenseless Palestinian young man after assaulting him at the Bab Al-Amoud area in occupied Jerusalem

This ⬇️ Still flummoxed about the strong emphasis that Fiore would be having a press conference with her (unnamed) lawyer then basically recite her Gubernatorial video launch text and peace out. Wait, maybe Michael McDonald (who introduced her) secretly got a law degree?

“But how can we afford paid leave?” “But how can we afford child care?” “But how can we afford free community college?” “But how can we afford health care?” America’s 745 billionaires added $2.1 trillion to their wealth during Covid. We tax them. That’s how we can afford it.

🚨 Undercover Israeli agents, locally known as Mustaribeen, were filmed shooting live ammunition at Palestinian youth in Jerusalem this evening. Unprecedented.

Mainstream media blackout enables israeli soldiers to attack & injure 100 Palestinians in J'lem; 15 children all under 15 yrs of age detained

Remarkably, neither of the senators who represent John Deere's HQ — & — appear to have made a single public statement about the Deere workers' strike since it launched last week. We've contacted their offices multiple times.

The disgusting violence that israeli soldiers are inflicting on young Palestinians should be on every mainstream news channel

If I was to find out that you invested in water as a commodity in person, I would slap the shit out of you and let you know that you are a real piece of shit.

Acc to court testimony: South Vietnamese women & children in Mỹ Lai before being killed in the massacre, 16/3/68. They were killed seconds after the photo was taken. The woman on the right adjusts her blouse buttons following a sexual assault that happened before the massacre.

In 1968, US troops massacred around 500 Vietnamese civilians. Some were mutilated and gang raped. Tasked with investigating claims of mistreatment by US soldiers, Colin Powell wrote back then “relations between Americal Division soldiers and the Vietnamese people are excellent.”

When even the Pentagon doesn’t want the money that Congress is appropriating for weapons 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩