Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

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Life is beautiful!

How I want take tell person say na Napoli cut this thing? I mean how? Why first half corner of all things? And na block ooo

Bold of you to think any of the housemate is worth a twist, Maria left, e be people like film. This is the game plan/twist, already decided before the show started, just like the wildcard and others. So if the shoe fits you as the unlucky/lucky housemate, rock it! With pride!!

Ahhhh E weak me oo, but we meuve ✌️

I keep saying this, keep Pepe on the bench, keep the fraud on the bench

No better line up... COYG🔴⚪

If a goal is scored in the first half between Arsenal and Tottenham today we’ll giveaway a box 📦 To enter 👇🔄 Retweet this tweet 🤝 Follow us Good luck!

“Google how can I get into tech sales”

Ihekamma Chidimma Blessing - 18 years old - Female - Student of Abia Polytechnic - Brutally raped in a police van by RRS Police officers attached to Eziama police station, Aba. - On the night of Tuesday, 21st of September, 2021. Say her Name!

Beware of neglecting what is close to you. The greatest gifts in your life are the people around you, your father, your mother, anything you cannot pay for, is God's gift to you. Do not take them for granted.

I rather go to hell for you than go to heaven without you~Jesus

Chai... Doctors working for the government in this country are really suffering this period. It's so sad🤦

Can't wait for this man to manifest. Indeed he is really the standard of what a man should be like

I go do giveaways tomorrow. Anyone who retweets this will be remembered in my morning prayer🙏🙏 Good night legends!

Port Harcourt People!! "Please for those of us walking at night, be watchful" Affected areas includes: 1. Rumuola Road 2. NTA Road 3. Rumuokwuta Road. 4. Aba Road 5. Old Aba Road etc... Please be careful o

You guys should help me please..don't let my mum sleep in the cell...I am begging...

The comments under Oloni's thread shows me live their lives well and expect the woman the want to marry not to have a story? Hellooo everyone is living theirs, so no dey shock

Your daughters. God gave the woman the ability to juggle alot and still create balance. So if she chooses to be a house wife, that's not belittling herself, it is an office that should be occupied with pride

To welcome them after the world has bashed them. Being a house wife is more, it's about being the therapy the mould your kids, building a system that permits your family thrive, it's about raising sons on a standard You would love your daughters to date and also vice versa for

Being a housewife transcends doing dishes or chores (money solves that self), but it extends more importantly to raising your kids, managing your home(Your husband and children), packaging them every morning to go fight the world and being at the door at night with your arms open