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Jessica William

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Watching history happen in front of us. I speak my mind on politics, therefore all opinions posted by me are my own. I support the Democratic Party.

While everyone's talking about Cuomo, let's also not forget about Matt Gaetz who is under investigation for trafficking a minor by the DoJ and House Ethics Committee. He's on the Judiciary Committee. So let's make sure he's out of office too.

Happy Birthday Mr. President! is turning 60.

Rep. Cori Bush, who has been protesting and sleeping outside the U.S. Capitol Building at the steps for 5 days in protest of the expiration of the eviction moratorium, and celebrate news that the White House intends to extend the eviction moratorium. Photo by

When Andrew Cuomo first announced his run for governor, I was one of the FIRST people on Long Island to host a fundraiser for him. He has accomplished many great things for our state. But based on the results of the AG's investigation, I join in calling for Gov. Cuomo to resign.

President Biden calls on Governor Cuomo to resign. You hear that Republicans? It’s called leadership and accountability.

The 13th Amendment was not passed on a bipartisan basis. The 14th Amendment was not passed on a bipartisan basis. The 15th Amendment was not passed on a bipartisan basis. These Amendments were the foundations for civil rights & voting rights. ELIMINATE THE FILIBUSTER PASS HR1

Twitterati commenting on NY’s Attorney General finding Governor Cuomo is a repeat sexual harrasser is: NOW DO TRUMP.

There is an active shooter at the Pentagon, and it's currently on lockdown.

Retweet if you haven’t forgotten that Josh Hawley is still a traitor to The United States.

Hold up, didn't ron johnson say Jan. 6 was a "peaceful protest," if that's the case why is he saying the FBI should've done something to stop it???

NEW VIDEO 📽️: Congressman Paul Gosar was one of the main organizers of Jan. 6th, but that isn't the first time he tried to overturn the election. He's enlisted the help of the Proud Boys & collaborates with Neo-Nazis like Nick Fuentes. RT if you agree we must expel

Lindsey mocking democrats for wearing masks… Lindsey gets covid… Karma….never loses a game. Never.

Gunther Hashida has just died by suicide- the third Capital police officer dead bc of the 1/6 treasonous attack on the Capitol. The GQP has police officers blood on their hands but don’t give a shit about them. They’re still playing games with american lives. Fuck the GOP.

Trumpublicans are crying "Impeach Biden!" I have yet to hear for what.

Kevin McCarthy can joke about assaulting Nancy Pelosi with no repercussions? Is this the immaturity we want in this nation's House?

The government or some corporation isn't going to try to own you through patents. Plus, mRNA doesn't even change DNA and is broken down while in the body, therefore patenting it wouldn't even work if tried whatsoever. Get help.

Lindsey Graham tested positive for COVID-19, so with that being said... , like really,

Trump needs the extra 100 million dollars to push his dangerous lies right?

Republicans claim to be the freedom party meanwhile they restrict women's rights & LGBTQ+ rights, push racist legislation, and trash on everybody who's not a white christian male. Democrats > GQP

Ron Johnson yet again showing off the irresponsibility and ignorance of the GOP. No, Ron, Alex Berenson was not a voice of reason. He is an anti-vaxxer who encourages people to get a deadly virus instead of get protected from it. There is no "reason" or "courage" in that.