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If only the US could actually look at how some countries have successfully dealt with drug problems instead of doing the same old thing and watching ours get worse.

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When you don't have a good answer, but you're still chasing likes.

It’s amazing that in a country with 24/7 news that not one of them has picked up story of millions of chronic pain patients being abused and neglected. Easier to continue to spew the false narrative. Invisibility is painful as well.

Our Grand Rounds speaker... "The number of consults I get for people who are being labeled as Opioid Use Disorder but don't have it, simply because they have been on opioids for a period of time" ugh.

Three police officers went to an *elementary* school in Tennessee & arrested four Black girls. One girl fell to her knees. Another threw up. Police handcuffed the youngest, an 8 yo with pigtails. Their supposed crime? Watching some boys fight — and not stopping them. (THREAD)

When my sister found out we use WIC, she said “so THAT’S where MY tax dollars go” as if we don’t also pay taxes… it’s 2021 can we please end the stigmas against government assistance because I’m sick of being treated like shit for things people literally do not even understand.

14/ One commissioner, who used to work in a post office, came up with the charge of “criminal responsibility for conduct of another.” The problem? There’s no such charge. These kids were charged with a crime that doesn’t exist.

Hi! I’m a Hollywood Artist and I’m trying to not be in Hollywood. I have a lot of art for sale in this thread, or please donate what you can to Cashapp $PeaceLoveSpraypaint or

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1/Prescription opioid counts have fallen to levels last seen in 1992,reports ⁦⁩ Corinne Woods, PharmD for workshop at Duke Margolis today

7/In the additional points, speaker notes that high level data is limited, that ⬆️Rx prescribing played a role in opioid crisis and acknowledges unintended consequences from reductions - thank you Corinne Woods, PharmD /fin

Colleagues - Please, I *beg* you, do not write passive aggressive comments about patients being on opioids for pain from their PCP. You know why we prescribe? Because nothing else has worked. Also, once specialists have exhausted their options, who is left to manage the pain?

I cannot believe the NYT published a front page story 2 days ago about how police were "defunded" when every police department everywhere got increases.

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New Graphic! A4 printer paper, B&W, space at the bottom for links, use however you want. 1000×1000 pxl version and 4×6" sticker version in comments This is my formal declaration of war against all HOA's

Psychologically, putting on a ridiculous hat and making ridiculous claims is much, much easier than recognizing that idiots like yourself arguably helped create the worst opioid crisis in world history. This nitwit still thinks he’s cool beans.

Seems like CDC, Chou, PROP, Mendell fit every category. Too bad they’ve dictated policy.

So happy to see that NYS passed syringe decriminalization because it will encourage use of services and prevent arrest and the previous statute was so asinine and poorly conceived that it gave me agita. Love good health law. Hate stupid rules. Win. Win

"I didn't know I could get addicted to pain medication." Of course you did. That's why you continued to lie to your doctor. Unless you're a child, you absolutely knew.

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