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Jessica William

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Riggs’ mama has made a flyer she’s like distributed. Police haven’t found the car or him yet. 😔

💔Chief💔 #27682 ▪️Has til NOON 9/14❗ Affectionate, sweet friendly. Excitable, playful boy, loves ppl+toys. Lived w LG dog, h/trained+knows commands. Scared of sm🐶. Deteriorating+reactive Nds a loving /🏡n NEast 4 security 💗Chief

TERRY WAS KILLED at Abilene shelter without warning & for no reason! Terry, who was a good sweet boy, had pledges but given no chance to find rescue and is now dead! Director randomly picked 6 & killed them taking no advice from staff or looking at their behaviour🤬

Exactly 1 year ago today I started this account to try and bring a few laughs and smiles at a time a lot of us needed it. In some small way I hope it helped. If so please Retweet and we can keep this going.

They report us a little dog run over by a motorcycle, he can't get up !! My people, some protectionist who wants to take on the case, or someone who wants to help him, needs medical attention immediately and transfer too 😔😔😔

Help appreciated. needs to see a cardiologist on 23 September. He is at the high end estimate bc he needs an ECG, Echocardiogram & Sedation. Prayers & donations so very much appreciated. Here is the email from his vet. Will pupdate GFM later:

80 days of sobriety. Can I get an RT from someone out there? I know you have an RT to spare for this

Carlin nailed it. And nothing has changed.

My son Elijah left home a few weeks ago and cut off all contact. We are very concerned and need to find him. If you know anyone in the LA area please share this flyer. Have reason to believe he is on the westside (culver, Venice, Santa Monica, MDR) but not sure.

An amazing choir with excellent musical tuition across all age groups!Fantastic for social development too and opportunities to perform in wonderful places!

This pup needs us! We really want to get him rescued and started on a healing path, but need your help with any small pledge towards his extensive medical care needs. What a great camping buddy he would make!! Much love♥️

🆘CODE RED Chester 3yr 6mo HW+ Terribly skinny & with multiple fractures💔This boy is so sweet & loving but has been let down by humans & needs immediate vet care PLS HELP THIS POOR GUY

Hi All. Seriously I am begging from the depth of my heart 4 the lives of these 4 babies: Bambi, Darla, Caramel & Gumbo. Ea of them have had such bad breaks in life/ this place is going to kill if dont get them safe/ONE OF MOST REWARDING THINGS CAN DO IS FOSTERING JUST 1 OF THEM

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Apollo was murdered today by NYCACC. But people want to still whine about having to wear masks and the mandates. Why don’t you focus on this poor innocent dog who was killed today just for not having a home? And the many other animals that are killed everyday ‼️

On this week’s trip to Forever Paws Animal Shelter, make an appointment and come see these owner surrender pets looking for forever homes: Big Daddy (black/white HUGE cat), Brodie (black chihuahua), Diego (white/brown chihuahua) and Maude (tan kitty). Please call 5086779154